Amazon Quiz 10 January 2021 Answers win Amazon Basics Smart LED Tv

Amazon Quiz 10 January 2021, Correct Answers To Win Amazon Basics Smart LED TV Today: The Best Amazon Quiz is now live. The Amazon Quiz is held every day from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. All Indian mobile app customers are eligible to participate. Participants can enter a lucky draw by answering all five questions. Here we gave you today’s Amazon Quiz Answers on January 10, 2021. If you are a daily Amazon Quiz Fun Zone player then this article is right for you.

Amazon Quiz Answers 10 January 2021 is live today, you can answer all the questions and stand a chance to win the Amazon Basics Smart LED TV. Amazon Quiz Answers Today. Bookmark this page as we update the correct answers on this page daily.

Amazon Quiz 10 January 2021 Amazon Basics Smart LED Tv Quiz Answers

Amazon Quiz Today 10 January 2021
Quiz Time 8 AM to 12 PM
Quiz Prize  AmazonBasics Smart LED TV
Quiz Name Amazon Quiz
Quiz Available on Amazon Mobile App

Win amazing prizes by playing the Amazon Quiz of the 10 January 2021 Answers Today. The Amazon Daily Quiz has 5 questions and you should answer correctly. Win Win Smart LED TV by Amazon Quiz 10 January 2021 Answer.

Amazon Quiz Today 10 January 2021

If you are an Amazon Fun Quiz player, you can find today’s quiz details below. Officials of FunOnline “Amazon Basics Smart LED TV Amazon Quiz Answers 10 January 2021 The Daily Competition is now live, so play Amazon Today Quiz and win Amazon Basics Smart LED TV. The daily Amazon Quiz Competition has five questions, and SkyNeal offers the fastest Amazon Quiz answer. Play the Amazon Quiz Answer today and get a chance to win exciting prizes.

Amazon Funzone Quiz Today 10th Jan 2021

All Amazon Quiz questions and answers will be updated today at 8:05 AM. Participants are requested to bookmark this page and visit again. Amazon Quiz Answers for 10 January 2021 – Answer Amazon Quiz questions and win amazing prizes. The Amazon Quiz Today is based on five questions.


To increase your chances of winning cool prizes from Amazon India, Indian News Live shares all Daily Amazon Quiz Answers, Amazon Today Quiz Answers here. Today you can get Amazon 10 January Quiz Answers at Amazon Amazon Basics Smart LED TV Quiz Competition and have a chance to win Amazon Basics Smart LED TV.

Amazon Quiz 10 January 2021 Question & Answers

Q1: Yuzvendra Chahal recently got married to Dhanashree Verma, who is popular as a . Fill in the blanks

Answer 1: Choreographer

Q2: International King Bhumibol World Soil Day Award given by the FAO is named after the former king of which country?

Answer 2: Thailand

Q3: The controversial airliner 737 MAX is manufactured by which company?

Answer 3: Boeing

Q4: In which country is this monument located?

Answer 4: Portugal

Q5: Which of these is a villain in a movie starring this character?

Answer 5: Doctor Octopus


How to Play Amazon Quiz on January 10, 2021?

The following step-by-step method is very helpful to play Amazon Quiz on 10 January 2021. And this is pure app only quiz, so you must have mobile phone to play this quiz.

  • Go to the Play Store and download the Amazon Mobile App.
  • Now, open the Amazon app and sign in to your account. If you do not have an account, we suggest you sign up.
  • Go to the homepage of the application. And click on Offers.
  • Now click on the Amazon Quiz Banner 8 AM to 12 PM.
  • Click the Start button, then enter the correct answers. After answering all the questions, you will be eligible for the Amazon App Quiz Competition.

Amazon Basics Smart LED TV Quiz Answers 10 January 2021

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Terms & Conditions About Amazon Quiz

  • This Contest Will Be Done From Daily 08:00:01 a.m. (IST) to 12:00:00 p.m. (IST) (“Contest Period”) to participate in this Contest.
  • For this participant, you need to sign up or sign up for an account on the Amazon India App. Because this is the App Base Contest.
  • After logging in or signing up for the Amazon India App, you can participate by answering 5 (Five) Questions.
  • If you answer all the questions correctly, you will win a lucky prize. Each winner will win one prize.
  • If you win, Amazon will contact you. You need to worry.

Amazon Fujifilm Instant Camera Quiz Answers 9 January 2021

Q.Not being able to decide on a “Word of the year,” which publication instead released a “Words of an Unprecedented Year” report in 2020?
Answer:- Oxford dictionary

Q.Which of these is India’s first Earth-imaging satellite startup that will soon put a constellation of 30 micro-satellites in orbit?
Answer:- Pixxel

Q. December 2020, who acquired Boston Dynamics – a company known for their series of dynamic highly-mobile robots?
Answer:- Hyundai

Q. Known as the East Side Gallery, where is this couple taking their pictures?
Answer:- Berlin Wall

Q5. currency which was invented in 2008.
Answer:- Bitcoin

₹15,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 8 January 2021

Question 1. Which country performed the Hayabusa 2 mission back to Earth recently with the Ryugu asteroid models?
Answer: – Japan

QUESTION 2. What prestigious institution is located in the historic Bapu Bhavan, Pune?
Answer: – National Institute of Naturopathy

Question 3. What type of competition is the Wendy Globe Model, which runs every 4 years and lasts for about 75 days?
Answer: – Excursion race

Question 4. From which country is this airline?
Answer: – Switzerland

Amazon Quiz Answers 7 January 2021

Question 1. Arecibo Telescope – The world’s second largest single-dish radio telescope recently collapsed – is there?
Answer: – Puerto Rico

Question 2. George Smiley is featured in the stories of which British writer recently died?
Answer: – John le Carr

Question 3. Who will be named WTA Player of the Year in 2020?
Answer: – Sophia Kenin

Question 4. What is the name of this hero of the famous Japanese anime?
Answer: – Pikachu

Question 5. Name this statue built as an ode to the Indian freedom fighter unveiled in 2018
Answer: – The Statue of Unity

₹10,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 6 January 2021

Question 1. Adi Mahotsav is an annual national festival celebrated in India?
Answer: – Tribes of India

Question 2. What was the unsuccessful attempt by military company Silvercorp USA to remove the President of these countries?
Answer: – Venezuela

Question 3. If this type is considered to be a long-running disease awareness initiative, what day is celebrated on December 1 of each year?
Answer: – World AIDS Day

Question 4. Who is the jump man in these famous shoes?
Answer: – Michael Jordan

Question 5. Name this plant-based color associated with positive spirits and good luck in Indian culture.
Answer: – Henna

Amazon Philips Induction Cooktop Quiz Answers 5 January 2021

Question 1. What is the official entry from India at the Academy Awards 2021 for the category of “Best Live Action Short Film”?
Answer: – Shameless

Question 2. What is the capital of Denmark?
Answer: – Copenhagen

Question 3. For the 10th consecutive year, who topped the Forbes list of strongest women?
Answer: – Angela Merkel

Question 4. Although its logo is a horse, the car logo of this car brand is inspired by which of these?
Answer: – War aircraft

QUESTION 5. What is this ancient site called Ashlar built of stone without mortar?
Answer: – Machu Picchu

Amazon 5,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 4 January 2021
Question 1. In which language was Jallikattu made India’s official entry in the International Film Film category at the 93rd Academy Awards?
Answer: – Malayalam

Question 2. In which city is the Hassan Clean Coal Power Plant, the first coal-based power plant in the Arabian Gulf?
Answer: – Dubai

Question 3. Which organization’s name completes the title of the book “Going Public: My Time is ____” by UK Sinha
Answer: – Sebi

Question 4. Parisians call this monument “La Dame de Fer”, what does it mean?
Answer: – Iron Lady

Question 5. To which famous painter is this graffiti dedicated?
Answer: – Salvador Dali

Amazon Apple iPhone 12 Quiz Answers 3 January 2021

Question 1. The Gurupurab or Prakash festival is held every year to commemorate the birth of which Guru?
Answer: – Gurunanak

Question 2. In which city was Giannis Antetokounmpo, who recently signed the largest contract in NBA history with the Milwaukee Bucks?
Answer: – Athens

Question 3. ViacomCBS recently sold which publishing company to Penguin Random House for $ 2 billion?
Answer: – Simon and Schuster

Question 4. Name this food item which derives its name from the old German word for “bracelet”
Answer: – Bagel

Question 5. In which country are these traditional post boxes found?
Answer: – UK

₹10,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 2 January 2021

Question 1. In the first week of December 2020, the International Sand Art Festival was held at Chandrabhaga Beach in which Indian state?
Answer: – Odisha

Question 2. Sea Guardians, Predator MQ-9s What is the recent addition to the Indian Navy?
Answer: – Drones

Question 3. Instead of Imran Khwaja, New Zealand-based lawyer George Barclay has recently been elected to what desired administrative post?
Answer: – President of the ICC

Question 4. What quantity was found in a laboratory specifically focused on tasting this drink?
Answer: – pH scale

Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 1 January 2021

Question 1. According to the International Air Transport Association, which city is currently the most connected city in the world?
Answer: – Shanghai

Question 2. In which art form did Astad Deboo, who recently died and was known for his collaboration with Pink Floyd, become an exponent?
Answer: – Dancing

Question 3. Who is the former world heavyweight champion who returned to the boxing ring 15 years later to fight Roy Jones Jr. in a show match?
Answer: – Mike Tyson

Question 4. The name of this drink is derived from the Arabic word Kahwa, which means ______.
Answer: – Sleep

Question 5. The name of this popular toy brand is an abbreviation of two languages, which means in which language to play well?
Answer: – Danish

Amazon Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Watch Quiz Answers 31 December 2020

Question 1. In December 2020, what did Margaret Keenan, the British grandmother of four, get in the world?
Answer: – Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine

Question 2. Breaking, introduced at the Olympics for 2024, is the official name of which competitive sport?
Answer: – Break dancing

Question 3. Frank Carney, who passed away recently, started which popular fast food chain in 1958?
Answer: – Pizza Hut

Question 4. In this Oscar winning Disney movie, what other robot does this robot love?
Answer: – Eve

Question 5. Found in Frankfurt, Germany, to which currency is this establishment dedicated?
Answer: – Euro

25,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 30 December 2020

Question 1. 22-year-old Jehan Daruwala recently became the first Indian to win any sport in Bahrain.
Answer: – Formula 2 race

Question 2. Who released his surprise eighth studio album “Folklore” in 2020?
Answer: – Taylor Swift

Question 3. Five Ice (FVE) is an intelligence consortium comprising the UK, USA, Canada, New Zealand and any other country?
Answer: – Australia

Question 4. Identify animals from this scene.
Answer: – Elephant

Question 5. Which company is the principal company in Cupertino, California?
Answer: – Apple

Amazon Carrera Sunglasses Quiz Answers 29 December 2020

Question 1. Which Indian singer was nominated for a Grammy Award in the New Age Album category for her debut album Peripheri?
Answer: – Priya Darshini

Answer: – Hercule Pairot

Question 3. India has recently refused to support which country’s Mega Connection Project – One Belt One Road initiative?
Answer: – China

Question 4. If you were on the world’s first safari to see this animal, which Indian state would you be in?
Answer: – Madhya Pradesh

Question 5. This sport is called the National Summer Sports of which country?
Answer: – Canada

₹ 5,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 28 December 2020
Question 1. In 2020’s Kotak Wealth Hurun – Who’s at the top of the list of leading wealthy women
Answer: – Roshni Nader

Question 2. By December 2020, the RBI’s Monetary Policy Committee has held 4%?
Answer: – Repo rate

Question 3. Who among these cricketers made their debut in the 1st Rose Ball Test between India and Australia?
Answer: – Cameron Green

Question 4. In which country is this statue named after the legendary bird whose national airlines are?
Answer: – Indonesia

Question 5. Which company made the car?
Answer: – Tesla

Amazon HP Omen Gaming Laptop Quiz Answers 27 December 2020

Question 1. Which 15-year-old Indian-American was named Time magazine’s First Child of the Year?
Answer: – Gitanjali Rao

Question 2. National Education Day is celebrated in honor of which famous Indian who served as the first Education Minister of Independent India?
Answer: – Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

Question 3. In which field did Sir William Arthur Lewis, who recently appeared at Google Doodle, receive the Nobel Prize?
Answer: – Economics

Question 4. Who was the first pope to make a difference in about 1300 years?
Answer: – He is not from Europe

Question 5. Name this slow moving animal with extremely slow metabolism.
Answer: – Laziness

₹ 10,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 26 December 2020

Question 1. In which country is the recently restored 129 year old British era archaeological site, the Moto Tunnel?
Answer: – Pakistan

Question 2. In which country was the inaugural Sakheer Grand Prix held in December 2020?
Answer: – Bahrain

Question 3. What iconic brand did the recently deceased Padma Bhushan winner, Mahashe Dharampal Gulati, build?
Answer: – MDH

Question 4. What is the inside view of the “cooling tower” usually found in these places?
Answer: – Nuclear power plants

Question 5. Name this beloved breed of dog and traditionally used for raising cattle by Queen Elizabeth II?
Answer: – Korgi

Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 25 December 2020

The Amazon Prime documentary is based on which city’s sports team?
Answer: – Jaipur

Question 2. Virat Kohli recently became the fastest player to score 12,000 runs in ODIs, breaking the 17 year old record of which cricketer?
Answer: – Sachin Tendulkar

Question 3. Which business software company buys business communication platform Slack for 27.7 billion?
Answer: – Salesforce

Question 4. According to this person, what is he and if he has “Fulcrum” he can “move the world”?
Answer: – Liver long enough

Question 5. Name this creature that can only be visited by a zoo visitor in Australia for 30 minutes a day?
Answer: – Colas

Amazon Panasonic Trimmer Quiz Answers 24 December 2020

Question 1. Which city hosts the International Cherry Blossom Festival every year?
Answer: – Shillong

Question 2. On which planet did scientists study data from the Curiosity rover find evidence of an ancient snow-capped lake in Gale Crater?
Answer: – Mars

Question 3. Is Xavier Bettel the current Prime Minister of the European mainland?
Answer: – Luxembourg

Question 4. Which of these devices encourage users to set a goal of 10,000 normal fitness per day?
Answer: – Steps

Question 5. In which country is this car brand headquartered?
Answer: – Italy

₹ 15,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 23 December 2020

Question 1. Who started the ATAL Academy Online faculty development program?
Answer: – AICTE

Question 2. The controversial Pangda village is a new village built near the border of which country of China?
Answer: – Bhutan

Question 3. Which company has chosen Niagara Falls, China’s Wind Farm and Germany’s Solar Site to unveil its first all-electric sports car?
Answer: – Porsche

Question 4. In the late 1800s, dogcatcher Carl Doberman created the breed specifically to protect him when he was working?
Answer: – Tax Collector

Question 5. Which company launched this phone?
Answer: – Samsung

Amazon Fossil Women Watch Quiz Answers 22 December 2020

Question 1. This year’s G20 summit is hosted by Saudi Arabia. Which country will host in 2021?
Answer: – Italy

Question 2. In which state is the Pilibhit Tiger Reserve recently won the global award for doubling the tiger population?
Answer: – Uttar Pradesh

Question 3. Who recently won the US Global Leadership Coalition Lifetime Achievement Award for work on the HIV / AIDS crisis?
Answer: – Dr. Anthony Fauci

Question 4. Which delicacies are these?
Answer: – Oyster

Question 5. Which iconic board game mascot can be found here?
Answer: – Monopoly

₹ 10,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 21 December 2020

Question 1. Which of the following companies is now in news in 1996, founded by Dr. Krishna Ela in Hyderabad?
Answer: – Bharat Biotech

Question 2. Which country will host the next edition of the Women’s T20 World Cup which is postponed until February 2023?
North: – South Africa

Question 3. Which of these universities addressed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s centenary in November 2020?
Answer: – University of Lucknow

Question 4. Who introduced this vegetable to India?
Answer: – Portuguese

Question 5. Identify the event.
Answer: – Tour de France

Amazon GoPro Hero 9 Quiz Answers 20 December 2020

Question 1. With 1 million followers, which country’s central bank is responsible for controlling their banking system, Twitter is the most popular?
Answer: – India

Question 2. ಯಾವ Which English actor wrote the lyrics for Taylor Swift under the pseudonym William Bowery?
Answer: – Joe Alvin

Question 3. In November 2020, which country sent a mission to explore the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the oceans?
Answer: – China

Question 4. In what year did this football legend take his country to a FIFA World Cup win?
Answer: – 1986

Question 5. Name this superfood that NASA recommends for astronauts.
Answer: – Quinoa

Amazon Huawei Amazfit Smart Watch Quiz Answers 19 December 2020

Question 1. From what country is Carlos Acutis, who died of leukemia at age 15 in 2006 and is known by some as the patron saint of the Internet?
Answer: – Italy

Question 2. India’s National Health Mission has recently launched an electronic _________ intelligence network (EVIN). Fill in the blanks.
Answer: – Vaccine

Question 3. Who was the first footballer to make 16 consecutive Champions League appearances?
Answer: – Lionel Messi

Question 4. 23 Yards Digital is a new brand of personal care products launched by former cricketers of India?
Answer: – Ravi Shastri

Question 5. Sarah Hall is a two-time winner of the 2020 BBC Short Story Award, supported by which university?
Answer: – University of Cambridge

₹ 20,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 18 December 2020

Question 1. Taken was the first all-electric vehicle manufactured by which German automaker?
Answer: – Porsche

Question 2. Pray from the events of the Tamil movie Surai Potru ‘partially from?

Question 3. Which Indian business group has changed the name of its Australian operation to ‘Braves’?
Answer: – Adani

Question 4. In which city is this famous tennis court located?
Answer: – London

Question 5. Name this performance art form
Answer: – Theyyam

Amazon Sony Multimedia Speaker Quiz Answers 17 December 2020
Question 1. What social media campaign did Patrick Quinn, who died in November 2020, launch worldwide in 2014?
Answer: – Ice Bucket Challenge

Question 2. With which website Shah Rukh Khan collaborated to give two lucky people a free stay in their Delhi home?
Answer: – Airbnb

Question 3. Priyanka Radhakrishnan became the Cabinet Minister of which country of India recently?
Answer: – New Zealand

Question 4. Named after a former basketball star, what is the name of this bird?
Answer: – Larry

Question 5. Which of the following is a grip on this sport?
Answer: – Hold the pen

25,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 16 December 2020

Question 1. Queen Elizabeth 2 of the Cunard Line is a retired British Marine liner, which recently converted?
Answer: – Hotel

Question 2. Which batsman scored centuries in the first two ODIs between India and Australia in November 2020?
Answer: – Steve Smith

Question 3. Which company’s executives traveled for the first time in its Hyperloop pod, reaching speeds of 160 km / h in 6.25 seconds?
Answer: – Virgin Hyperloop

Question 4. Which of these action series characters are action figures?
Answer: – Star Trek

Question 5. What was the first name of the entrepreneur who appeared in this street art?
Answer: – Identity

Amazon Skybags Luggage Set Quiz Answers 15 December 2020

Question 1. Which Indian bank merged with the DBS Bank of Singapore in November 2020?
Answer: – Laxmi Vilas Bank

Question 2. Against which team did Diego Maradona score the (in) famous ‘Hand of Gods’ at the 1986 World Cup?
Answer: – England

Question 3. Spotify, Mozang, King and Klarna – all are famous startups from which country?
Answer: – Sweden

Question 4. Who among these artists made Campbell’s soup cans a sensation in the art world?
Answer: – Andy Warhol

Question 5. Name this animal.
Answer: – Armadillo

15,000 Amazon Pay Balance Quiz Answers 14 December 2020

Question 1. Kalimantan province will be the new capital of which country?
Answer: – Indonesia

Question 2. The Most Followed Woman on Instagram recently released her latest album, WhatsApp?
Answer: – Ariana Grande

Question 3. Tarun Gogoi who died recently served as the Chief Minister of which Indian state from 2001 to 2016?
Answer: – Assam

Question 4. Which country is famous for its canals?
Answer: – The Netherlands

Question 5. Which world champion in this sport briefly led the Premier League’s official fantasy football league last year?
Answer: – Magnus Carlsen

Amazon Oppo A53 Quiz Answers 13 December 2020

Question 1. Name the debut novel by Scottish-American writer Douglas Stewart, who won the 2020 Booker Prize.
Answer: – Shaggy Bain

Question 2. What celebrity interview in 1995 was being investigated if the BBC unnecessarily demanded it?
Answer: – Princess Diana

Question 3. According to the novel by Nancy Springer, Enola was the youngest brother in which famous family?
Answer: – Holmes

Question 4. Which team won the World Cup in this sport in 2019?
Answer: – Spain

Question 5. Which of these actors did not play this role in the films?
Answer: – Mark Ruffalo

Amazon Huawei Amazfit Smart Watch Quiz Answers 12 December 2020

Question 1. Which country is currently facing the Mink Kovid crisis, the world’s largest mink fur producer?
Answer: – Denmark

Question 2. Madhya Pradesh, which aims to work for the welfare of cattle in the state, which of the following?
Answer: – The cow cabinet

Question 3. At the valuation of $ 400 billion, which is the largest company added to the S&P 500 index?
Answer: – Tesla

Question 4. This sport is often called the sport of ______ times. Fill in the space left
Answer: – The kings

Question 5. Which company introduced the hexagonal shape for the pencil, which later became Rs?
Answer: – Faber-Castell

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