Angels and Suitors ft. Mishibir, Kuhukunal, Samaina and Mineil – Episode 14

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Scene 1

Zoya: Hi Adi…

Adi: Anyway?

Zoya: Yeah, right. And you?

Adi: All right.

Zoya is silent.

Adi: Zoya, do you have anything to discuss with you?

Zoya: No… actually, my friends came home. He was in an accident with his brother and survived. Suddenly I began to remember my past. So, I thought to ping you. No serious matter. Bye. I’ll hang on.

She disconnects Kara.

Adi thinks about his past.

(American Project)

As in the original serial, a policeman suspects both Adi and Zoya about the accident of their partner. Zoya and Adi prove themselves innocent.

After that, Joya decides to go to her law firm, which she runs before marrying Joya. Without him etc. empty. Then he realizes Joya’s importance in his life. Her mother (she’s good in this FF) is Zoya and he realizes that she loves him. The addict is fidgety and makes up his mind to give his life a second chance. So, they go to meet Zoya.

Zoya: Wonder what Adi?

Adi: Actually Zoya, I don’t want to drag. I love you

Zoya is shocked to hear this.

Zoya: Addict, what are you saying? Did you have a crack? We have lost our partners. How did you decide to move on so soon?

Adi: A cheating partner. I forgot about him and threw him away from my life. I really love you

Zoya: Adi, listen. I really like you as a friend. I want our relationship to be just friends. I’m not ready for another relationship right now. I am not finished with fame. I admit that he cheated on me, but I loved him so much. So please, let’s be friends otherwise we’ll end our friendship too.

Adi tries to convince her, but she gets angry and tells him that she will not meet him at any cost in the future.

Adi is unhappy and tries to overcome it with great effort. Mishti learns of this and she decides to support Adi.


Adi calls Mishti

Mishti: Hello brother.

Adi: Mishti, Zoya called me.

Mishti: It’s good.

Adi: He remembered when he remembered something accident.

Mishti tells Adi about Samir’s accident and Zoya’s stay.

Adi: Mishti take care of you. Sameer will soon regain his memory.

Mishti: Hope, brother.

Adi: I’ll call it Mishti Bye later.

Mishti: Bye.

Scene 2

Sameer comes to the apartment with Poonam, Munna and Pandit.

Poonam: My house is right here.

Sameer: ​​Sister-in-law, do we live in your house?

Poonam: No, Samir, Ma has bought a new flat for you. We are going to live there.

Sameer then goes inside first. Poonam gives Pandit some keys.

Poonam: Here are the keys. Give them. You stay here and take them to your flat. I’ll go with Sameer.

They have agreed.

Sameer: ​​Sister-in-law, where are Munna and Pandit?

Poonam: They will come later. He’s going to get some stuff. You get to relax.

He goes in and Sameer watches the scene from his flat. It is well furnished and luxurious flat.

Sameer: ​​The house is very nice.

Poonam: Yes. It’s beautiful is in front of the house.

Sameer: ​​Sister-in-law, we are going to your house too.

Poonam: Actually Samir, my mother and father went to my brother’s place. So, we decided to give the vacant flat to the family of our relatives. She came here to chase Ca.

Sameer: ​​Really? How does he relate to you?

Poonam: She is a distant sister.

Sameer: ​​Good. We will meet him later.

Poonam: Sure. Now you need to relax. I bring juice. You go to your room.

Naina, Anand and Rakesh come to that apartment.

Anand: It seems to be a large and rich apartment. Will we be able to pay rent?

Naina looks depressed. She looks at Munna and Pandit.

Munna: Uncle, let’s go.

Rakesh: Where? It is very rich. We can’t afford it.

Pandit: Rakesh sir, don’t worry. You are going to stay at Poonam Bhabhi’s house. You don’t need to rent it.

Naina: No Pandit, it’s not good. We stay somewhere or in hostels. We meet you during classes.

Munna and Pandit try to convince them. But they disagree. Munna calls Poonam. She comes down

Naina hugged Poonam.

Poonam: Naina, please listen to me. I consider you my sister. You’ll be at my house. I’ve been thinking about having caregivers in our house. So no problem. Please accept.

Rakesh: No son, it’s not good.

Poonam: Uncle you called me a beta. Then you talk to me

Should be asked. Come and stay here

After much reluctance, Naina and her family agree. They go inside.

Naina comes into the building. Homes against her flat and Sameer.

When Naina comes to that floor, Sameer feels her heart beating too fast.

Naina is also strange. She wants to see Sameer.

Poonam: Naina, I know your eyes are looking for Sameer. He is resting. Go and relax.

Naina smiled and walked inside. Sameer opened the door and saw Naina go to the flat.

Upon seeing him, it was not clear whether he was shrugging. His head hurts. He’s going to fall. Pandit and Munna grab her and lie down on the bed.

Poonam: Said to relax. Why are you out there

Sameer: ​​Bhabhi, something was very strange to me. So, I got out. After seeing that girl, I got a little blush. She is related to me

Pandit and Munna look at each other.

Munna: Sameer, don’t think much now. Everything is revealed at the right time.

Sameer shook his head and fell asleep.

Pandit: This is true love.

Poonam: Yes, I hope Sameer’s memory will be soon.

All nodes.

Scene 3

Sending Legal Notice to Zoya Isha. Seeing this, Isha is shocked.

Ishaan: Why not be shocked?

Isha: Neil sent me legal witchcraft notice and Kia custody.

Ishaan: What’s there to worry about? This is good. Witchcraft her so we can legitimize our relationship.

Isha is getting angry. She goes to get drinks.

Isha: Listen Ishaan, I need your name and Oberoi’s name. Look at me now, I’m glad when someone addresses me as Mrs. Oberoi.

Ishaan: Does that mean you don’t want my name?

Isha: Look at our lifestyle. We live on Neil’s money. He named these properties in Kia. If we give him Kia, we have nothing. And, I like Kia. She is my daughter.

Ishaan: So what about our son? She has no proper surname and we are risking her life. I hope you don’t love us and you need money. I am also rich. Come with me Let’s go somewhere.

Ishaan gets angry. Seeing him angrily, Isha was worried. He tries to calm her down by luring her. She gave him wine and sat on his lap.

Isha: I love you baby. But at the same time, this situation is also important to me.

He tries to kiss her. Kia then calls him.

Isha runs away. Ishaan gets angry at Kia.

Kia: Mommy, who is this?

Kia shows Neil a wedding picture with Isha.

Isha: Kia, I said don’t touch these things. Why are you here

Isha beats him. Kia is terrified and she cries.

Isha takes Kia to a room and locks her in the room. Kia requested the door be opened. She looks at Isha from the window. Isha hugs her son and she walks away. Kia feels that Isha only loves Kane (Isha and Ishaan’s son) and not her.

She cries so much.

Neil feels something bad. He’s on a video call with Mini.

Mini: Neil, what happened?

Neil: I think Kia has something bad for them.

Mini: Don’t worry. Nothing will happen.

Neil: I think he needs me.

Mini: We’ll bring them soon. Only then will we live a happy life.

Neil: Mini, you’re great. No one can accept a husband’s child from his first relationship.

Mini: Neil. I love you More than that, Kia. I know how cruel it is. All I need is for Kia not to go through the phase I am going through.

Neil: Mini relax. We sent them a legal notice. The hearing is scheduled for next week in Patiala.

Mini: Patiala?

Neil: Yeah, I asked Zoya to change the venue. And she agreed. He too had to change location for a while. And I’ll miss you too. When you are with me, I certainly gather more courage.

Mini: It’s good. You come this way. Let’s deal with Isha and her dirty tasks with ease.

Neil smiles and they continue their chat.


Kunal: Kuhu, where’s my shirt?

Kuhu shouts from the washroom.

Kuhu comes out of the washroom. She approached him and wiped her hair. Water spills on Kunal’s face. He looks at her and grabs her hips and pulls them towards him.

Kuhu: Kunal, what are you doing? Leave me alone. It’s already late. We should go to our house.

Kunal: You are my wife, my sweet baby doll. I have the right to romance with you at any time and anywhere.

Where: Acha…

He turns to her and kisses her forehead. Then they shared a lip lock.

The rain is called Kuhu.

Kunal: Well, no one will allow it to be romantic. Get ready quickly. We leave.

Kuhu smiled and went to attend the call.

Scene 5


Adi brother, you go to Patiala. I tell my friend Minnie to look after you. You can get close with Zoya. Make him feel his feelings. I thought I should call you here but suddenly the plan changed.

Adi: Mishti, I think I shouldn’t go there.

Mishti: Brother please. This is our last attempt. They stay in Patiala for a month. You convince Zoya anyway.

Adi: Well, I agree.

Zoya gets there.

Zoya: Mishti, who are you talking to? I heard my name popping?

Mishti: Zoya, I was talking to my NGO people about staying in your place.

Zoya: Acha. Mishti, I know you are Adi’s sister.

Mishti looks worried.

Mishti (stuttering): How is it?

Zoya: I went to Adi’s house once. There I saw a picture of Adi’s childhood with a girl. I questioned him. He said it was his sister. I saw the same picture in your diary yesterday. Sorry, wrong, I took your diary because it was mine. Adi gave me the same diary. So, I confirmed it.

Mishti: Zoya, etc. Very good. But he betrayed her. I want them to have a good life. He really loves you. They want you and you want it too.

Zoya: I don’t need it.

Mishti: So why did you call him yesterday? You love him but something is stopping you from accepting him.

Zoya: There is nothing like that myth. Now stop talking about it. We must leave.

Done she thinks

Zoya (me): Yes, I love Adi. I didn’t know when they proposed to me. But during this separation, I realized that I had fallen for him. But I had promised no one else in his life except him.

She thinks about the time she spent with Yash and Adi.

Neil calls her.

Neha: You guys go to Patiala. I’m not coming

Neil: Why?

Neha: Papa called me. There is some problem in the office. I have to get there. I keep in touch and try to come in a few days later.

Neha hugs everyone and walks away.

Abir: Neil, I and Mishti have some work on NGOs in Rajkot. So, we leave, too.

Neil: Never mind, Abir. Thank you for thinking so much for me. In Patiala, I also have Mini and Zoya. We care.

Zoya: It’s nice and nice to see such friends.

Abir: You are our friend too. We are always there for you.

Zoya: Thank you, Abir.

Mishti wished Neil.

Mishti: Zoya, please think of what I told you.

Zoya gives no response. Mishti unloads the waves and leaves with Abir.


Mishti: Abir, I am going to enjoy this journey with you.

Abir: I too.

Mishti: Good road, good weather and a nice place to travel with our loved ones.

She lay on Abir’s shoulders. He kisses her on the head and drives off.

Meanwhile Rakesh leaves and goes to the plantation. He is shocked to see a peace teacher. He looks at her in surprise.

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