Anupama 11th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Rashi Anu insults that middle class people

Anupama 11th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Rashi Anu insults that middle class people

Kanye recalls Anupama’s words after Vanyaraj did not come to her but was expelled from the house by Bapuji. Pakhi was so happy that Vanraj came back and hugged her happily and threw her a birthday party for Pakhi. She thinks Anupama has given her insults, but Anupama has given her pain.

Vanraj asks if she is happy. She says so much. She says that if she comes here to stay, she now knows that Pakhi will be happy if she has any problem. She says no and asks him to contact a lawyer for his and Anu Witch’s relationship because Anupama and Anirudh can marry only after getting married. He goes to the new. Toshu plays guitar. Bekhaali Me Bhi Tera Hai Khayal Aye… song… plays in the background.

Samar remembers her quality moments with Nandini, mentioning her and she walked away, etc. Toshu says that boys have been taught to be strong since childhood, if they were taught to cry, the pain would come and go, but now the pain enters and never increases. Samar says that Toshu’s life is better, but his life has a productive defect that breaks his heart even after it has been saved.

Toshu asks not to lose hope. Samar says he should too. When Papa and Rakhi think of themselves, they sometimes think, what is wrong with what he and Kinjal think of them and why they should bear the family and its burden; They think that instead of listening to the words of the elders, they should think of themselves and their happiness.

In the morning, Ba counts the monthly spending bills with Anu and says that the costs are increasing, like the monster Sursa, who had previously closed the mouths of creditors like Sursa’s, but now .. He looks at the grocery bill and asks how much it increased. Sweetie says sweetie’s birthday party groceries.

Ba says electricity, water, phone bills .. They reduce and manage their costs. Ba Once they practice, it is difficult to manage; Mobile, AC, etc are now a days and not a luxury; Their home is now a practice of these luxuries. Anu is worried. Ba says they need to increase earnings anyway, rather than reducing requirements. Ba, Bapuji, Samar, Toshu, and il ilmil listen to their conversation.

After a while, il ಲ್ilmil helps Anu in the kitchen. Anu says that there is plenty of party food left, so they have that food and cook fresh food for Ba, Bapuji and Mamaji. Ililmil got some more houses to work with and no salary is needed, Anu says he can only pay when he has money. Anu regrets hearing it. Toshu then asks Samar to tell him that he will take coaching classes and a job call center.

Samar asks and manages to focus on his studies as he gets older. Toshu tells her to pay attention to her dance classes. Samar says she doesn’t get much from online dance classes. She listens to Mamaji Baal say he wants to return home because he doesn’t want to increase his expenses by staying with her. Bapuji returns her multivitamin and calcium tablets and keeps her BP and heart.

She challenges him to see how he runs the house without her, she repeatedly rejects his financial support, and now thinks of his responsibility, but cannot perform only dance class fare and compromise on Ba and Bapuji. She calls someone and tells them she needs money because it’s hard to handle.

Vanaraj disconnects the call. Kavya walks up to Vanraj and informs her that Pakhi is blocking her on social media and accepting her comments. He goes out, though not home and she tells him not to keep an eye on him. Poetry thinks Anupama should have called him after his ego was satisfied, she should find out. Samar scolds Sweetie for unlocking Kavya and receiving her messages.

Sweety says Kavya organized a birthday party for her. Samar asks if she doesn’t remember what she did with her mum. She tells him that Papa is also wrong, but she meets Papa; She cannot ignore poetry and if someone is feeling bad, she is not afraid. Anu waits in a restaurant. Vanaraj gets there and sees Anu sitting. Devika walks up to Anu and apologizes for being late, asking her not to worry as she has spoken to 2-4 people and soon everything will be fine.

Anu says that she was in financial trouble and didn’t know what to do, so she called her. Devika says good bye she calls her and she is always there for her. After Toshu’s papa is gone, Anu tells her that she thought she had to handle herself, but didn’t know it would be time to get up after falling. Devika says one must do. At a nearby table, Vanraj meets a client approving his new project.

Devika says she’s trying her best to get a job, but if .. .. Anu says she knows with age and with less education, it’s hard to get a job; Any work will be difficult for her and Samar to perform with her dance classes and Bapuji’s pension. Devika gives her credit card to manage until she gets a job, but Anu says she will manage it now. Devika asks her not to blame herself for the family financial crisis.

Anu says this is a fact and she cannot tolerate the grief of her family because of her; It is a family question and she feels bad for a son and father to move away; She has been holding her hand for 25 years, but now that she has left her hand, she does not see a way out and is walking blind.

Devika says he who walks finds a way. Anu says she does not even find the ray of hope and needs work at any cost. Devika gets a call from her cousin Didi and tells her that she has talked to him about work. Anu reminds her of her insult at school. Devika asks if she is the same Didi, she was expecting a lot from her, but now ..

Returning to Vanaraj’s office, he shows Kavya new project papers. Kavya is delighted and hopes that soon she will be gifted with Anu and his Witch Ornament paper, she has already told the stranger that we are living together, and when she is in a hurry for the Witch Orce, he should too.

She was right, very nice, and stepped into the washroom. On the other side, Kinjal rushes to the car talking with Tosu on the phone. Rakhi stops her and asks where she is going. Kinjal says he is looking for his books. Rocky says he should check in with the maid. Kinjal receives a message and says that Shreya has sent a message.

Rakhi speaks in English to all her friends except Toshu, so she must stop fooling her. Kinjal smokes and walks away. Rakhi thinks her daughter’s happiness is important, planning something bad and wondering whether she should do it or not.

Prekap: Rashi Anu insults that middle class people like her are dependent on money and that she befriends Sutton for money. She warns Toshu, Samar and Pakhi not to dare to meet her daughter, otherwise she will call the police.

Anu says that Kinjal and Toshu love each other. Anu also loved Vanaraj and now what happened, Rakhi says her daughter wants a peaceful and luxurious life and not betrayal and poverty.