Anupama 17th October 2020 Written Update: Anirudh asks Kavya to give chance to their relationship

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The episode begins with the poet requesting the Priest to wait for some time before the groom is on his way. Priest says that the good time of marriage is already over and he has to go to another marriage and leave. She receives a voice message from Vanaraj saying that it is impossible to leave the house today, so she will do what he wants to do tomorrow and tell her to do no wrong in anger.

She goes to Moore but Anirudh holds her before she falls, she is shocked to see him there and Moore is worried about him. The Shah family brings Vanaraj and Anupama to the stage. Rakhi thinks that both Nandini and Kavya are missing. Then Leela says if Anupama and Vanaraj see each other enough, let’s start the rituals.

Poetry regains consciousness and she knows that Nandini can tell him about her but she can handle herself. He tells her how her path is wrong and how can she forget that she is still legally her husband and Vanaraj’s husband and what is the purpose of this marriage drama. She joked about the marriage and Vanraj mocked her and said that she was dumb and teased her and everyone laughs at her. He leaves his family and asks how she can think of Vanraj marrying her and he says he will not marry her. She tells him to stay silent.

Vanraj marries his wife again and Kavya never marries for the first time, which proves everything and his family is important to him and she is just a toy for him and he will not leave his family to her. Nandini arrives at Samar’s house and finds Vanraj comforted there. Rakhi asks Nandini about poetry. Leela says Kavya is not even a bride, she is taking too long to prepare. Vanraj feels that Kavya did not reply to his message.

Anirudh says that if Anupama and Vanraj can start a new beginning, he and Kavya can start their lives again. They say they have a lot of problems between them but they share a relationship so let’s get into that relationship. He says he is not the best husband in the world but he does not treat her like the way he treats Wanraj and does not disrespect her like Wanraj did today. He tells her to forget that they both made mistakes but now he has a chance to fix it and asks if she will marry him again.

Samar and Paritosh bring wedding garlands. Anupama is amazed by the pictures on the garland. Samar says his idea of ​​Jayesh. Jayesh blesses the couple. Lila is blessed in English that she has specially prepared for them. Anupama is delighted and says that she can do something good in her past birth to make this family worthy.

Leela says Sanjay has done good by preventing Vanaraj from going to office. Anupama and Vanraj exchange garlands. He hopes Kavya will not come here. Kavya says today that he has to decide who he wants to live with. Anupama says he was lucky to get Vanaraj. Thank you to Vanaraj for enduring these 25 years. Kavya goes to Shaw’s house. Anirudh tries to convey it to Nandini.

The episode ends.