Anupama 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update:Anupama and her family set out for the resort in the passenger

Anupama 21st November 2020 Written Episode Update:Anupama and her family set out for the resort in the passenger

Anupama and her family set out for the resort in the passengers. They play interstellar. Samar says the mummy is happy to be out with us. Anu asks if Ba has informed Vanuraj. Anu says that she texted him. Ba says he’ll call again when it’s time. Mamaji says Vadodara is 90 km away. Bapuji asks when was the last time he was out.

Anu relates to the marriage of a relative when Pakhi was 6-7 years old. Ba says Tehn didn’t even go with Vanraj. 8 years ago, Anu regrets if she had a week in her bedroom with Kavya Vanraj. The family continues to advance the aisle.

Rakhi waits eagerly for them. They arrive at the resort. Ba says that she chose a good place, anyway, Rakhi. Anu helps to unload the luggage from the dick. Her saree gets stuck. Kavya is seen swimming behind and enjoying the juice with Vanraj. Anu clears her sari and stands uncomfortable watching the other couple romance and think about what Ba and Bapuji see and think. Behind them are Vanraj and Kavya.

Thank you for bowing Rakhi. Ba commented not to order bitter guards because someone was talking sweet. The manager talks to Rakhi, and she says she arranged a snack and tea for him at Poolside. Anu says it’s not the pool side. Rakhi asks why. Samar says Ba and Bapuji feel uncomfortable there.

The family leaves for their rooms. Vanaraj sees Anu’s message and shouts that he has been out for 2 days and that she has inadvertently gone on vacation. Anu says the family is with her too. He scolds that Bapuji should rest and asks where this resort is. She then clashes with Rakhi Anu after Vado..Just drops Anu’s phone. Phone disconnected. Rakhi thinks that if Wanraj sees Anu he will go away in silence and her plan will be in vain. Seeing her coming towards Vanraj and Kavya, Anu hurriedly adds to her lift.

Samar, Toshu, Kinjal and Nandini reach their rooms. Kinjal asks Nandini to feel comfortable and since she is sharing a room she can only pay 50% rent. Nandini says that if Toshu wants to spend quality time with her, she can tell and she goes out. Kinjal says she can go to Samar’s room. Samar is glad to hear his conversation. Ba is excited to see the large hotel room and its luxury items. Bapuji says that Rakhi cannot digest the sudden change.

Rakhi slips Anu into her room and reserves the honeymoon suite for her samadhi, knowing if Vanraj will suddenly come. Anu thinks she is living in a big room outside the house for the first time, there is a lot going on for the first time, life is teaching something new and she should learn it; Tears come into their own and one must find happiness so she can find happiness in every moment.

Vanraj and Kavya open their rooms and try to walk inside. Anu Vanaraj walked outside hearing his voice, but nobody thinks if he is here, she heard a telecolor speak in Gujarati, saying that if he was in this resort, it would be impossible. She looks worried, walks out and hits the room of Vanaraj and Kavya’s room. They both think who came to trouble.

PreCap: Vanaraj sings a romantic song for Kavya in her room and is shocked to hear Anu’s voice calling out to her room when she hears the family partying with loud music in another room.

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