Anupama 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vanaraj angrily looks back at Anu and returns home

Anupama 25th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Vanaraj angrily looks back at Anu and returns home

The Shah family is shocked to learn of Vanraj and Kavya’s extramarital affairs. Toshu reminds Vanaraj of his lies. Sweetie remembers asking Kavya to explain to Ba and Bapuji that the boy and girl can also be friends. It reminds me of Anu Rakhi calling him to the resort and he said he will remember this trip forever. Rakhi tries to talk. Anu stops her and confronts her for creating the play even after Bapuji learns that she is sick, the resort may be Rakhi’s friend, but the family is hers, the children are hers, the Ba’s and the Bapuji’s are hers; She leaves no one to mock her family in front of everyone.

Rakhi says that she is not like Anu who tolerates and conceals her husband’s extramarital affairs; She is not afraid of who thinks and does what she does, not as she does as she says; This is her plan. She tells him that Baa and Bapu’s side are hiding the truth. The people and staff watching them go away. Kinjal requests her to stop this now and discuss the matter at home. Rakhi warns her to leave and not try to be a mother, asking how blind she can be in love, she ignores extramarital affairs.

Instead of marrying her daughter, she asks Anu if her father will marry his pakhi at the honeymoon house, asking Dolly the same and if she can’t, how can she. Sanjay takes his daughter from there.Rakhi goes on and tells Ba and Bapuji that they will talk about the family, now they will tell the truth that their Bahu and Beta are hiding; Anu fell unconscious that day, watching her husband romance Kavya in her bed. His eyes opened wide as he heard it. Anu urges him to stop it now.

When Rakhi can’t stop her husband, she says why he wants to stop her; Wanraj was really great to marry Anu that day and spend suhagrath with Kavya; She met her husband on the wedding night with another woman. Vanraj is not too shy. Anu is appealing for her to stop. Rakhi says Vanaraj’s extramarital affair with Kavya has been going on for years; She says her son is in lavish fun and has booked a honeymoon suite at her friend’s resort.

He then tells Toshu that the family checks in before they know their role, and because his father is out of character, she doesn’t marry his daughter to him, pulling out Kinjal’s engagement ring. If she dares to come near Kinjal she will make the CCTV footage of Vanraj’s hotel room go viral with Han Tag Vanraj Shah’s extramarital affair and loose character. She asks Ba and Bapuji that they are so proud of their burial, that if it is a sanskar she does not want her daughter getting married in their home.

They have warned him to leave the resort now, otherwise he will have to pay the bill worth the 5 star resort.The family is ashamed. Wanraj walks to Ba and Bapuji with a bowed head. Ba stretches out his hand, but Bapuji grabs her hand and says that the son has created drama and that he is not as cheap as him to create more drama, so everyone is back home now. He walks away with her. Toshu looked at Wanraz, picked up the engagement ring, then walked out, followed by Samar, Nandini and Pakhi.

Anu too walks away looking at him. Kavya tells Vanaraj that the most beautiful day of her life has been ruined. Wanraj says he should go home. Kavya always asks how she can do it. Anupama has already separated him from Samar and now she separates him from his family, so he says he should go home and take control of the situation.

Asking her about anything. He says that he will discuss this later and Kavya will disappoint him.Kinjal confronts Rakhi and asks why she did this. Rakhi says she will do the same for herself and any other mother. Kinjal says she made fun of Tosu and her family. Rakhi says it’s not her family. Kinjal says Toshu is not her husband, it is her family, Ba is her Ba and Anupama is her mother.

Rakhi asks how dare anyone call her mother in front of her mother, Anu was willing to take care of the security of the house and become a goddess, Toshu too knew everything and told her about her father’s relationship; If she wishes to become a father, there will be a relationship with the family consent, the son may have a relationship in the future and the father will include it; He should be grateful to her for revealing the relationship. Kinjal shouts to stop it. Whatever Rakhi says, this marriage will not happen now.

Kinjal walked away shouting that he couldn’t believe it. Rakhi feels that Anupama and her family have stirred her up and her husband has shown demeanor, but she has shut her mouth once with an act of her own; Middle-class women like Anu hide the dignity of her family, but today she has pulled the curtain. Anu goes back to her room and packs her bag hoping it will happen some day, but never thought of it this way; It is okay if the husband falls in the eyes of the wife, but not in the eyes of parents and children; What happens to her children, parents and parents.

PreCap: Vanaraj angrily looks back at Anu and returns home. Ba slaps him and says she is ashamed to be his mother.