Bigg Boss 14: Rubina Dilaik has an emotional breakdown on Bigg Boss 14 post her fight with Eijaz Khan and Rahul Vaidya

In last night’s episode of Bigg Boss 14, we saw Bigg Boss sending alternate food items to the housemates to replace them. Rubina, in the morning, sent the housemates strictly the subject of Bigg Boss breakfast, saying that they should have it in small portions. Arshi agrees but says they should split it because they don’t know how much each housemate eats.

“Yeh humare liye pure hafte ke liye substitute aye hine,” says Rubina, whose abdomen may be aggravated by sudden dietary changes. Eijaz replied, ‘I am well-educated in this respect. Nutrition. “After Rubina,” he says, “I’m sorry I cared about your stomach because your stomach is just the most upset stomach in the house.” “Musely,” says EIjaz, who was infuriated by Rubina’s comment. Also Read Bigg Boss 14’s BIG Fight Today: Aly Goni Says ‘Tera Pati To Gayab Hai’ To Rakhi Sawant; Actress Replies, ‘Tera Pyaar To Fake Hai’

Aly tells Rubina that she can’t stop eating anyone. Rubina explains that she should not eat it all at once, but rather keep it in small portions. Rahul says Rubina’s statement is very wrong, by which Rubina “What statement?” Rahul says ‘Kaun Kittney muesli khayega ye tum thode decides karogi’.

The argument gets heated up and continues between EIjaz and Rubina. During their argument, Rubina shows her hand, by which Eijaz comes and gives her a hi-five, which annoyed Rubina. “Don’t touch me without my permission. Stay back a little,” he said. Abhinav warned EIjaz not to come near his wife. Also Read Bigg Boss 14 Pavitra Punia Says, ‘I Missed Having Timnasa’s Wand When I Used To Get Angry In BB Show’

Rubina then sees an emotional breakdown, and Abhinav asks what happened. “Concern ko inhon ka bana dia yar,” says Rubina. She says her concerns are misunderstood and everyone treats her with disrespect. “Inko Surf Ye Dikta Hai Ki Sokinai Haikur Hukum Chala Rahi Hai Surf,” she was telling Abhinav.

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