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BangaloreTelevision actress Gitabharathi Bhatt has been emboldened by the actress, Anushree, who made a tearful video of her dissenting views on the Drugs case.

‘Brahmaguntu’ actress who commented on the video uploaded by Anushree on Instagram, we are all with you Be brave and face it. My love and courage are always with you. Geetabharati Bhatt has also been tried in the past for the drug case. He also said that he would attend the next hearing.

What did Anushree say in the video?
September 24, 20020 was a day I would never want to recall at any point in my life. When I won a dance reality show 12 years ago, I was worried that that day would not be a thorn in the future.

The fact that the notice has come up doesn’t bother me. I am not guilty or convicted of only going to the CCB office. The way it portrayed me was very painful. Pain is a very small word. For the past one week, our homeowners have been overwhelmed. But even in this difficult time, we know nothing about Anushree. We have tremendous faith in you and thank you to all the mirror who stand with me. That said, I will never forget this.

Even beyond this, there are some opinions, ideas and ideas that are ruining our contentment. Please think about our mood one time before cranking out such ideas. I have appealed to you. ALSO READ: 14 ​​years ago, a bus came to a halt in Bengaluru: Anushree

Thank you to my family, my team and friends who have stood by me during such difficult days. Thanks also to the media friends who understand my situation and support me. I have not done any work that would hurt the name given to it by the mirror. Anushree sighed, saying she never did.


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