Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kiara insults Rani

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8 November 2020 Written Episode Update: Kiara insults Rani

Ramadhir telling the queen to return to the village as she thinks the court matters will not be over easily, as she also needs to prepare for her interview. Even though she leaves him here, her soul is only here and passes the interview and she says that becoming an engineer is not more important than him.

Rajeshwari says that Kiara and Veer’s relationship is connected to their reputation and prestige and they need them for their business rather than the Kiara family. Weir says Kiara is shouting at the baby and tells her to swatch clean the floor. He says that the child is not going to be a doctor in the future and not everyone is as lucky as him. He tells her it’s not his intention to hurt her. She tells him to learn how to behave with servants. He tells her he will not repeat his mistake and will not disappoint her.

Veer speaks with Rajeshwari’s image that he is still feeling lonely despite everyone staying with him. Rani was going to come and fall there thinking of Ramadhir but Veer is holding her. She starts to cry. He tells her that her heartbeat and BP are not normal and that she can fade and eat sweets whenever she wants. She tells him she’s not in the mood for dessert and tells him about the 14-day remand issue. And says that I am getting the punishment without committing any crime.
She says she is useless because she can’t do anything for Ramadhir.

He says the court matter takes time. They say people are discriminated against everywhere. He says he doesn’t blame anyone who pours his heart out. He gives her his handkerchief. Last year, Ramadhir was making all the preparations for Holi and he sustained an injury to his 3 fingers, even though he refused to do any work, he says. She says Ramadhir is her mark and she should not forget this and give her that dessert.

She tells him that he is lonely and has not told her anything. She tells him that she will not accept defeat and will fight him till the end. She thanks him for his encouragement and handkerchief and tells her to return it to him after swatch cleaning. Rani tells Rajeshwar about his 14-day remand. Kiara says that because of the Queen’s brother, her nail was broken and she was sore. Kiara says her mehndi tomorrow and her nail. Rani says she thought she was worried about Ramadhir. Kiara says why she cares about him.

Rajeshwari tells Jay Singh that she is coming and why she hasn’t changed the table clothes for Kumud yet. Kumud tells Shanti to change table clothes. Rajeshwari asks who has been hired at Ramadhir’s place and asks why Kumud is doing the queen’s job. Kiara tells the queen to clean the floor. Peace and Kumud are bored with the Queen.

Pinku gives the mobile to the queen as the nurse wants to talk to her. The nurse asks why she didn’t tell her the truth and she wouldn’t know it if she didn’t tell Pinku Ramadhir. The Queen says she can afford it. Arun says there is a problem and she needs her help in the kitchen. Her assistant is not even here and the evening guests are coming, so she says she needs to help him. In the kitchen, he tells her to start cutting. Rajeshwari gives the talwar to the queen and when the queen is interrupted she scolds her.

PreCap – The queen doesn’t know how to work but she knows the hard work and says she should work very hard to get Ramadhir out of here.