Applying Multani Mitty in the wrong way can cause blisters on the face! Know the right way to apply

Sometimes the problem we adopt to treat them is that they cover us. The same is true of skin care. Treating blisters is not easy because sometimes products that claim to get rid of pimples give us two blisters. Home appliances should also be used with great care. For example, there are a few things to keep in mind when applying the Multani Mitty Face Pack, otherwise it will cause more blisters.

The right way to apply Multani Mitty
Made from Multani Mitty and camphor, this pack should be applied on your face for just 15 minutes. The camphor has anti-bacterial properties. The flavor and chemical properties of camphor work to kill bacteria and all kinds of germs that cause infection. So Multani Mitty tightens your skin. It prevents wrinkles, fine lines and blemishes in your skin.

Take 2 tablespoons Multani Mitty in a bowl. Grind 1 cube (piece or piece) of camphor. Now add 1 tbsp of rose water to it. Mix all ingredients well. Your face pack is ready. Now before rinsing the pack, wash your face with clean water and rinse off the swatch cleanly.

Now apply the face pack across the face. You can also use this pack to enhance the complexion of the hands and feet. Leave the pack on the skin for just 15 minutes, then rinse your face with lukewarm water and wipe with a swatch cloth. Then apply moisturizer.

Face Mask

Do not apply Multani Mitty this way
Lemon juice should be avoided in Multani Mitty, adding lemon juice in Multani Mitty can cause itching on the face. Itching can be increased especially after drying Multani mitti on the skin. Increases the risk of getting scratching bubbles.

Do not rub the Multani mitti after drying. Slowly wash the Multani mitti with water.

Multani mitti is dry after the wash, so apply a little gel or cream to your face after washing it.

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