Bangalore: Newly infected with 2189 cases – more than 2100 coronavirus cases in bangalore

Bangalore: Coronavirus numbers in the capital have plummeted, with 2189 cases reported on Monday alone. Kovid is among 34 victims.

Over the past few days, the number of people diagnosed with perpetual Kovid infection has crossed 4,000. After several days, the number of infected people has dropped to close to 2 thousand. This fluctuation is common on weekdays. Since Sunday is a holiday, there is no adequate report of the infected. Thus, fewer cases are reported on the first day of the week.

A total of 2,52,229 people have been infected in the Bangalore city district since March, of which 1,95,015 have recovered. The remaining 54112 patients are being treated at a designated hospital and Kovid care center. Of these, 3101 have died so far.

Total infected cases: 2,52,229
Healing: 1,95,015
Active: 54112
Died: 3101


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