Barister Babu 21th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Greenwood says please welcome my wife Betty

Barister Babu 21th November 2020 Written Episode Update: Greenwood says please welcome my wife Betty

Anirudh saying, You go to school, you need Sir Greenwood’s sign. Trilochan laughs and says there is no entry, Greenwood is not meeting anyone, we have been waiting for him all day, he has not come home. Anirudh says I will get admission to Bondita. Bondita says when he decides, he will do it later. Trilochan really says, we see, you can try. Anirudh Bondita says, We are ready for your schooling, come on. They will go. Trilochan thinks it is Anirudh, you cannot easily get the sign of Greenwood. Anirudh and Bondita come to meet Greenwood. They wait for hours. Bondita asks if you’re worried. No Anirudh, I convince him, I worry for the girls. She asks why. I don’t know if those girls even get respect, I have only 24 hours, my problem is growing, I don’t know. The guy says Greenwood left. Kaka said okay, the officer was not a simple man, he made us wait here, Anirudh says. Bondita asks that I not go to school now, what will Gandhi Ji say to her next time I meet her.

They say we go to their house, we find their address. He says that Binoy invited him home so that we could take his help and be blessed. He laughs. They come home. Binoy looks at his watch. Anirudh tries to talk. Bondita and Trilochan see. He says Anirudh should not be upset with him, that once he talks to Binoy, his anger will go away. Trilochan says the British officer rules are not good. A man comes in and says that Greenwood had a party home and sent this invitation to you. Anirudh checks in and I got the address, Bondita, I meet him and get his signs, you go to school and study with the boys. She rejoices and claps. Rishta Tera Mera… Dramas…

Trilochan says he has not come home, I will not go. Binoy says he also sent an apology, I need factory permission from him, we need his help. Trilochan says I’m a landlord, we have an influence. I know Binoy, he says he accepts it. Anirudh says I am going to take the sign of Greenwood on the farm. Binoy says come with us for the party. Anirudh says I have no interest in taking his help for my benefit. Trinochon is telling the Binoy truth, he explained to me, we go together. Anirudh is great, but only for your sake. Anirudh and Bondita get ready. She shows him a bottle of perfume and can’t name it. He teaches her to tell the perfume. She says perfume … The bride is also a Britisher, I want to see the bride. He says no, you are too young to understand. Bondita was upset. He asks her to find the invitation, otherwise she cannot go to school. He checks the invitation. She says in English. He reads the invitation and explains it to her. He says I will come back and meet you. She says I’m going to play with Batuk. She thanks him and goes. He laughs.

Trilochan asks Anirudh to remember him as Roy Chaudhary and not quarrel with Binoy. I know, I will take the signs and leave, ”says Anirudh. Binoy came here as Bondita’s husband, not my son. Trilochan says I explained not to argue with either of you, otherwise we’ll go home. Saurabh comes to ask Anirudh. He went to a party, says Bondita, what happened. He says nothing. She asks why are you worried, she’s fine. He says yes, but the girls are missing, I’m afraid they can take any wrong action. She is worried.

Trilochan asks why he made our seating arrangements separate. Binoy says they know we’re big landlords, they come to apologize to us. Trilochan says we see, we can’t trust them. They go to sit down. The man stops them and says the place is reserved for someone else. They sit down. We should call Anirudh back, I know the address, says Bondita. She remembers and I say, I enforce. .ಭ. .ಹ………………………………… She says yes. He thanked her. She asks if I can come along. He asks why. She asks him to agree. He asks her to come. She prays for the girls.

Anirudh asks how long we have been waiting, I need the sign of Greenwood on the farm. The guy says come sir, enjoy a drink. Trilochan asks Aniruddha to be patient. A man brings a stick and places it there. Trilochan asks why this is placed here, the blind people use it. Binoy probably says. Greenwood holds the whip in his hand and gets there. They look at him. Greenwood smiles.

precape: Greenwood says please welcome my wife Betty. They are shocked to see Soudamini. Saudaamini says I have kept this party for you, you have seen my love, now you see my hatred. Bondita gets there.