Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Vijay Tv Kamal Hassan Aari, Bala, Ramya and Shivani Eviction review

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Review: As the last days get closer, a bright light shines in everyone’s face. Competitors and people are celebrating the release of less interesting episodes. The nervousness of not being able to make it to the final was well expressed by Shivani. What is the benefit of increasing the task to the level of a lioness at the time of departure? Just think!

Yesterday’s episode started off with the ‘Caller of the Week’ part. Call Aari a second time. The question is whether the quality of the Aari should be reduced as usual. Anyway, who is Aari? Duff gave it to the caller. ‘Now whose foot is it?’ Aari’s answer was: Aari certainly accepts everyone’s advice, but it’s time to agree. It would definitely be more interesting if you knew and played with this Nag Aari. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Evicted Contestants re entry in finale week ft Archana, Rekha, Ramesh and Nisha

When Bala said he was the third finalist, the highlight was that Aari was more excited than Bala was emotional. This time, he scored better than Aari Bala. Bala’s cry was expressed by the terrible fear of ‘where the good qualities he possesses will disappear from his mistakes.’ It is compatible. Congratulations Bala!

Next, when Bigg Boss came into the house, Kamal asked about the good and bad qualities he possessed. There are mixed answers. All of us agreed that we know and correct what is so clearly negative about our eyes so far. If everyone was as good as this, it wouldn’t be Big Boss’s house! This season is a very interesting game to count on. What are you doing this way! Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Surprise guests in BB4 Archana, Nisha, Ramesh and Rekha back into the house

Palavad advanced to Rio as the fourth consecutive finalist, and eventually the three lions sat in the elimination division. The idea that none of these three should be thrown out seems to all the men in the house. But as Shivani was thrown out, Bala’s face dried up. Bala was puzzled as to whether I should be happy for the finals or mourn for Shivani. Everyone in the house offered Shiva the rose they had grown. Shivani left home because she could not make it to the final.

It’s only been a week but six people are at home. One may be out in the middle of this week. Is it Ramya or Kapia? Who are your essay people? Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Balaji Murugadoss wish to do farming after bigg boss

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