Basant Panchami 2021: Maa Sharda is worshiped today with full rituals

Basant Panchami 2021: In the case of Basant Panchami, Mother Sharde is worshiped today with the statutes. At this time, if the artists associated with literature and music worship Mother Saraswati, there will be children and other celebrations. Special poojas are organized in the temples on this occasion.

There is a different spirit among the residents of Basant Panchami. On Tuesday, devotees are organizing many events for Maa Sharde worship. Radha Govind’s worship at Sector-39 ISKCON Temple started at 4:30 am with Mangala Arati. This was followed by Vrindavan clothes. At this time, Kirtan Bhajan is being held throughout the day. Basant Pooja is organized in Sector 20 Sanatana Dharma Mandir. Other temples in the city are also worshiped.

Rules for nine Kundia Havan and Vidyarth children
Gayatri Chetna Center in Sector-12 During this period Gayatri, the Mother Goddess of the Vedas, is worshiped with the law. After this, nine Kundia Havans are being held, with 200 hundred people simultaneously offering the fire god. During this period, rites were performed for children as young as four. Apart from this, Yagnopavith and other rites will also be organized.

Artist mother will worship Saraswati
In Sector-35, artists worship their instruments with a piece of legislation. After worshiping at five o’clock in the evening, the performers will also give their performance. Kathak dancer Anu Sinha says the artist is waiting for this day. Kathak artists also said that they would give their performance after worship. It will be broadcast online.

More than 22 Marriages
More than 22 weddings will be held simultaneously in the first city, on Tuesday, March 2020, at Basant Panchami. Due to the corona period, there are a large number of programs for the first time. Look there, this is the big event of 2021. On Tuesday, all wedding halls in the city are fully booked. People are very happy with the marriage business. Amarjit Singh, director of Sector-73 Marriage Hall, said that weddings are being held at Basant Panchami in all the wedding halls, community houses and weddings in the city. He said the Corona guideline is fully followed during the Shandy, after the thermal scanning of the processions and allowing the skin inside the main gate. The whole hall is swathed. A sanitizer is installed right in the gate.