Basil protects you from many of the monsoon’s problems, and learn why it’s important to include it in your diet

The Kovid epidemic is not taking on a stopping name and the monsoon has hit, too. The rainy season brings many diseases. In such a situation, it is natural to worry, because we are all looking for a holistic solution to the disease, with no side effects! We have only one solution to your problems – basil! Yes … basil solves your monsoon problems, from digestion to skin diseases.

According to data from the National Center for Biotechnology, basil contains vitamin A, C, calcium, zinc, iron, chlorophyll and other nutrients that help fight many diseases, from boosting immunity to preventing cancer.

Learn how basil can benefit you in the rainy season

1. Increase immunity

Basil has a lot of antioxidants and nutrients that protect you from common rain diseases like cold, cough, cold, flu. Basil is effective in boosting your immunity. Sore throat and sore throat end up chewing its leaves every day.

2. Tulsi mosquito eliminates irritation

Sometimes rain worms can cause sores on your body, which can lead to infection or skin disease. You can use basil to treat these wounds. Apply the basil extract to the affected area and the inflammation or swelling is immediately resolved.

3. Remove infections

In Ayurveda, basil has been used for centuries to treat serious infections and wounds. According to the NCBI’s online research journal, basil has antifungal, antiviral and anti-bacterial properties that are effective in eliminating most diseases. In addition, basil has anti-inflammatory properties, which help cure inflammation.

4. Keep the blood clean

Skin problems are the most common during the monsoon. In such a situation, basil purifies your blood, causing your skin to shine. Skin problems with this can also be avoided. Eating basil is an easy and inexpensive way to detoxify the body naturally, all you have to do is boil 5 basil leaves in water and drink it every morning.

5. Clean the respiratory system

Basil may prove beneficial to you in this era of corona. Itching is common during the rainy season, but due to Kovid-19, this can be a cause for concern. Therefore, steaming the basil leaves in water is good for your lungs and also cleans the respiratory system.

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Now know how to add basil to your diet

Tulsi ki chutney recipe

You can make and drink basil tea.
Its leaves can be chewed on an empty stomach.
You can make a drink by boiling the basil leaves in water.
Adding basil to your daily soup will make it even more delicious to drink.
If you prefer, you can also add basil to the regular chutney.

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