BCCI may lose as many crores as IPL 2021

The Indian Premier League (IPL) postponed indefinitely on Tuesday due to Kovid-19 cases in a biologically safe environment may cause the Cricket Board (BCCI) to lose two thousand crores in broadcast and sponsorship money. The BCCI had to postpone the IPL after several Kovid-19 cases emerged in Ahmedabad and New Delhi in the last few days among players and support staff.

Commenting on the condition of anonymity, a senior official of BCCI told PTI, “Postponing the season will cost us Rs. 2,500 to Rs. 2200 crores worth Rs. I’d say it’s more accurate. “The 52-day, 60-day tournament was supposed to conclude on May 30 in Ahmedabad. However, cricket was played for only 24 days and the tournament was postponed due to a virus after 29 matches. The amount received by Star Sports from the tournament broadcasting officer was a huge loss to BCCI.

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Star’s five-year contract is Rs 16,000 347 crore, which is a little over three thousand 269 crore a year. If there are 60 matches in a season, the total cost of each match is around Rs 54 crore 50 lakhs. If the star pays for each match, the sum of the 29 matches will be around Rs 1580 crore. In such a situation, the board will lose 1690 crores. Similarly, mobile maker Vivo has been awarded the title sponsor of the tournament with a total of Rs. The BCCI is expected to receive less than half of the payout and postpone the tournament.

The subsidiary companies are Anacademy, Dream 11, Seared, Upstocks and Tata Motors, each with a cost of Rs 120 crore. The officer said, ‘All payments have to be reduced by half or something and you have about Rs 2200 crore. Actually the loss may be more than this but it is .The estimated loss of the season. The loss would cut the central revenue pool (BCCI money to eight franchises) by half. However, the official did not say how much each franchise will be affected by the shutdown of the tournament.

After the postponement of the IPL 2021, the remaining matches of the league can be done this month.

Instead of proportions, players are given sums according to time. If a player has made himself available for a portion of the tournament, the pay is proportional. However, the senior said that this ratio only applies when a player has set himself free for certain parts of the tournament. The organizers have discontinued the tournament and in such a situation the franchise is likely to lose at least half of TU.