Be careful! Do you even drink standing water? These 5 biggest harms can happen to health

Drinking Rules: You must have heard of the many benefits of drinking water to date, but did you know that drinking water in the wrong way does not benefit health but does harm. Very few people know that a person’s drinking water has a good and bad effect on his health. Drinking water is prohibited while standing in Ayurveda. Drinking water in this way does not completely quench a person’s thirst, and secondly it has a bad effect on many important parts of his body. Tell us about the many great disadvantages of drinking water while standing.

Why not drink water immediately after eating?
It is believed that drinking water immediately after consuming food can adversely affect a person’s digestive system. Do not drink water for about half an hour after doing one. Doing this weakens the digestive system and is detrimental to health. On the other hand, if you’re eating spicy food, then drink water with sips. Drinking too much water at once can cause digestion.

Disadvantages of Standing Drinking Water-
Oxygen supply stops

Drinking water while standing will stop oxygen supply to food and windpipes. It affects not only the lungs but also the heart.

Hernia complained
Drinking water while standing causes pressure on the lower walls of the stomach, which causes more damage to the organs around the abdomen. Many people suffer from hernia due to this bad habit.

The beginning of joint pain
Due to the habit of drinking water while standing, fast water flow through your body accumulates in the joints. This can have a bad effect on the bones and joints. Due to the lack of fluid in the joint portion of the bones, the bones begin to weaken with pain in the joints. Due to weak bones, the person suffers from diseases like arthritis.

Effect on kidney
When a person drinks water while standing, the water moves rapidly toward the lower abdomen without filtering. This is because water accumulates in the gallbladder. It is very harmful to the kidney.

Do not quench thirst
Standing and drinking water can fill the stomach, but does not quench a person’s thirst. Sit down and drink small sips of water.

When a person sits and drinks water, the muscles and nervous system relax and the water is easily digested. Drinking water while standing can cause indigestion.

The acid level does not decrease
Stopping or drinking water in a hurry does not reduce the level of acid in the body. Therefore, you should always drink and drink water.

Benefits of drinking water while sitting
By sitting and drinking water the water is properly digested and reaches all the cells of the body. By absorbing as much water as the body needs, it releases the remaining water and toxins from the body through the urine.
Drinking hot water does not cause excess fat and reduces weight.
By sitting and drinking water harmful substances do not dissolve in the blood, but they make the blood smell clean.
Drinking water through sips does not increase the amount of acid in the stomach, but the bad acid gets out of the body.

According to Ayurveda, the temperature of water a person uses to drink should not be colder than the body temperature. Drinking cold water from the fridge immediately after coming out in the summer can damage the body. In such a situation, a person should not always drink too cold or ice water. Always use regular water to drink.

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