Best 200cc Bike in India that You Need to Look Out For

Those who enjoy riding bikes or have a high utility of two-wheelers in their daily lives prefer purchasing 200cc bikes over lower and higher cc motorbikes. It is because of their excellent performance and mileage despite heavy usage. The 200cc bikes are also known for their high-quality riding experience and practical usage. 

Given the huge market, 200cc bikes come in all shapes and designs. This bike segment has captured everything from cruisers and sport bikes to tourers and dirt bikes. It is a famous segment across all age groups. The multi-functionality and versatility of 200cc bikes have added to the hype around them. These bikes are the best investment for daily commuters and those looking to fulfil their passion for riding. If you, too, are looking forward to purchasing the best 200cc bike in India model, go through the list for a deeper understanding:

Bajaj Dominar 250: 

Image Source: Bajaj

The bike is available in exquisite colours like racing red, citrus rush, and sparkling black. With a DOHC liquid-cooled engine, the bike is great for long-distance travel. Heightened safety while riding is a big USP of Dominar 250, achieved with the help of dual-channel ABS and a full LED headlamp. 

Additional Features of Dominar 250

  • Higher power and torque are achieved through a double overhead camshaft, liquid-cooled, and fuel-injected engine. 
  • The engine power is delivered linearly, reaching even the top end for an additional rush. 
  • Higher torque range helps convenient low gear shifts and improved fuel efficiency.
  • Liquid cooling prevents overheating despite long travel hours, ensuring consistent performance. 
  • Adding the sixth gear reduces the burden on the gearbox and makes riding at high speed appear easy. 
  • Upright stance while riding provides comfort on a long ride. 
  • Twin barrel exhaust asserts the bike’s dominance. 
  • Excellent support with premium and well-padded seats. 
  • Best-in-class forks make topsy-turvy turns less daunting to manage. 
  • A specialized slipper clutch for an easy gear change. 
  • An upscale LCD that gives information on gear position. The display is well-supported even at night.
  • Better safety against skidding with the help of a twin-channel anti-locking braking system. 
  • White LED headlamps cover various lighting and riding requirements.
  • Advanced front disc braking to help riders feel in control. 
  • Superior touring capabilities aided by four bungee straps.

Ex-showroom Price New Delhi: ₹175,002

Bajaj Pulsar RS 200

Image Source: Bajaj

Another addition to the best 200cc bike in India category is Bajaj Pulsar RS200. It is available in multiple colour options that can easily match the rider’s personality. The triple-spark DTS-I 14V F1 engine gives a raw power dose of 18KW @ 9750 rpm. It is an ideal choice for those who wish to look stylish and enjoy speed. Safety comes first for Pulsar RS 200 as it is equipped with ABS technology. 

Additional Features of Pulsar RS 200:

  • An attached liquid cooling system in the engine prevents overheating and offers optimum performance. 
  • Race-inspired design for a rugged and tough appearance. 
  • Telescopic suspension with anti-friction brush for balance during racing.
  • 55W low beam projector, 65W high beam projector headlamps for better visibility at night. 
  • The rear suspension has a Nitrox mono shock resistor with a canister. 

Ex-showroom price New Delhi: ₹171,021

Bajaj Avenger 220 Cruise- One of the Best 200cc Bike in India

Image Source: Bajaj

The two-wheeler falls in the best 200cc bike in India segment and comes in two striking colours: moon white and auburn black. The engine is oil-cooled and is great for a long ride on a highway. 

The bike has a timeless design and is packed with a high dose of design and comfort. Avenger 220 Cruise emanates compact yet sturdy vibes while accentuating the rider’s personality. 

Additional Features of Avenger 220 Cruise

  • The 220-cc oil-cooled DTS-I FI engine gives a raw power of 13.99 kW. 
  • A low-slung and wider seat give comfort while riding. Upright handlebars give a laid-back stance, and the cushioned backrest is extremely comfortable for the passenger. 
  • Ride in complete confidence with the help of a highly responsive ABS braking system.

Ex-showroom Price New Delhi: ₹138,368

Differences between Dominar 250, Pulsar RS 200 & Avenger 220 Cruise 

While all three are a big hit in the best 200cc bike in India section, one must be aware of their basic differences to make an ideal choice.

Bike Engine Max Power Max Torque
Dominar 250 248.77 cc 19.85 kW (27 PS) @ 8500 rpm 23.5 Nm @ 6500 rpm
Pulsar RS 200 199.5 cc 18 kW (24.5 PS) @ 9750 rpm 18.7 Nm @ 8000 rpm
Avenger 220 Cruise 220 cc 13.99 kW (19.03 PS) @ 8500 rpm 17.55 Nm @ 7000 rpm

In Conclusion: 

The 200cc bikes are an all-time favourite among the masses and suit the requirements of experienced and inexperienced riders. You do not even need to consider the usage too much, as they are the scope of their functionality is huge. 

Bajaj leads the way when it comes to the best 200cc bike in India segment. You can also read about bikes such as Bajaj Pulsar NS200, Bajaj Pulsar 250, and Bajaj Pulsar 250 Dual Channel ABS when looking forward to buying a two-wheeler from this segment.

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