Naagin 5 August 22, 2020 Written Update: Meer Kills Noor, Gets Lovestruck, Jay-Bani Fall in Love With Each Other

Nagin 5 August 16, 2020 Written Update: Jay (Mohit Sehgal) and Meer (Sharad Malhotra) get into a physical quarrel at their friend’s wedding. Fired by Jay Meier. Noor (bride) tells Bani that Meer has an alcohol business but he runs various illegal businesses in the wake of his alcohol business.

Bani interferes with the quarrel and tells Mir to stop the quarrel but after seeing Bani, Mir is left in love. Jay comes between Bani and Mir and hits Mir in the face. As the music plays in the background, Jay hits Meir and asks Meier not to be among his friends and let him hit. Mir and his team of friends leave the house. Bani realizes that Noor is missing and suspects that Mir Singhania and the gang have taken her with them.

She decides to go and find Noor, and Jay insists that he come with her to find Noor. Jay and Bani officially introduce each other, shake hands and look for Noor. They find Noor in the middle of the road and the forest but Jay announces her dead. Jay sees two eagles flying in the air and they come and sit beside Noor’s body.

Jay asks Jay to leave because the eagles can attack. As they cross the eagles, they meet Meer, who stands in a jeep. When the police arrive at the scene and they try to report the death, Noor’s body is not found where Ban and Jay are found.

Bani says that they need to find her and they must separate. As they are gearing up to divide, Jay’s arm hits the bangles. Jay gives Bani her phone number and tells her to call him as soon as she finds Noor.

Bani comes to the woods and finds the couple, who is scared and injured and blames her for being a dangerous figure. Bani inquires about the body and documents on his phone, while Mir and his gang carry Noor’s body.

Mir and his gang bury Noor’s body. Mir and his gang turn into an eagle and fly away. Boor vows to bring justice to Noor and Mir loves Bani and Bani loves Jae. Jay cures him with asthma and moonlight. Bani gets a feeling of hatred about Meer.

Parag Tyagi Meir enters the show as his father and worries for his son. The next scene goes in a flashback, where Mir discovers that he is an eagle when the snake tries to attack him. His father tells him that he is Nag and Nagins enemy.

His father tells him that sunlight is their enemy because the snakes are powerful during the day and weak at night, so whenever he wants to go outside he has to go only at night. His father recalls the prospect that a powerful snake would kill Mir aka Akesh Chil in broad daylight.

Meer tells her father about Bani and how he loves her. Bani, on the other hand, tells her elder sister about the incident last night and that she has to go to the police station to file an FIR.

He reveals that Jay is having fun with his siblings and that his skin texture and eye color changes. He reveals that he loves her after seeing Bani.

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