BGMI iOS Download APK Link: Check When Will Battleground Mobile India Launch In iOS?

Battleground Mobile India has been officially launched for iOS devices almost half a month after the initial entry version went live for pre-registered players. Crofton Inc. unveiled a free version of the game on Apps’s Store this Friday, ending a ten-month long wait for Indian fans to enter the PUBG mobile iOS  world once again.

Battleground Mobile India iOS is an India-specific iteration of the popular battle royal title PUBG Mobile, developed by Tencent of China on behalf of Karfton. The Government of India banned security concerns last September amid escalating tensions with China.

Eager to return to one of his biggest markets, Crofton took control of Tencent to restart the game with a new name and had the same features as before. Pre-registrations for Battlefield Mobile India iOS opened in May, and the initial entry version for players who have already registered in the game’s beta program has been launched on June 17.

Notably, the game’s BGMI iOS Download APK Link process for new players is slightly different from beta players already playing the early version.

Now that the stable version of Battlegrounds Mobile India has been released, here’s how you update or BGMI iOS Download APK Link the game from the IOS Apps Store, what login rewards are being offered and everything you need to know about the game.

How to download or update Battlegrounds Mobile India for iOS

If you are a new player who wants to download Battlefield Mobile India for iOS, go to the Apps Store and find the game on your iOS device. Go to the game after the installation and set it up; This is similar to how PUBG is done on mobile.

If you have a PUBG mobile account before the ban, game data can be moved to Battlefield Mobile India iOS, just like the beta version.

Beta players who already have an early entry version of Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS on their phones, need to update the game. For this go to the game page in Apps Store and click on ‘Update’. Once the update is complete, you can go to the game and download additional resources. Once this is done, restart the game to play.

BGMI iOS Release Date In India

You can get all the latest updates directly on your mobile. By estimate, the BGMI iOS release date may be 12 July 2021.

BGMI iOS Download Link

Battlegrounds Mobile India has officially launched in the country on July 2nd. Launched in September 2020 as the Indian version of PUBG Mobile, Battlefield Mobile India is available for early access, but the official version is now open to the public and can be downloaded from the Apps Store. Developer Crafton rewarded players with 10 million players downloading the game.

About a month after the official announcement of developer Crofton, Battlefield Mobile India has finally officially launched in the country. The game is available for download to all from the Apps Store and as of now, there is no update to the iOS release. Those who do not pre-register for the game can simply go to the Google Play Store and BGMI iOS Download Link the entire game. Pre-registered players will only need to update the game from a small BGMI iOS Download Link store.

In some cases, the update option may not be available through the Google Play Store app, so go to the store from your desktop browser and see where you install the install option (make sure you’re using the same Google account). It updates the game by downloading the necessary files, though you may need to partially re-BGMI iOS Download Link some game content, such as design packs and maps.

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