Bharathi kannamma 18th October 2020 Written Update: Kannamma threw the money on Bharathi face

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The episode starts today because Wenba is thinking of Gomati’s words and doubts the beauty of indirectly helping Kannammani. Anjali gets suspicious when she sees her call out of the blue. She hears her call and starts talking to her. Wenba ask her how she is doing.

She replies that she is sick of this family’s emotional drama. Wenba pretends to be nice to her and Kannamma has already left the house, so she is now a beauty-loving daughter. Anjali replied that she could not do it here. Soundarya always chanted Kannamma’s name, not only her, but the whole family behind her.

Ask Wenba why she didn’t talk to Akhil. She replies that whenever she takes her eyes, Akhil argues with her and warns her to shut up. No one supports her. Wenba asks her if Kannamma is at the petrol pump? She replies that she is not but in an orphanage. Soundarya is what she sees every day when she fixes CCTV footage at an orphanage. She’s been watching her the whole day and sometimes the rest of the members even join her.

Wenba is shocked to hear that. Anjali said she had donated money to the orphanage through MLAs to help Kannammani there. Wenba laughs. Anjali tells her that even though the family was behind Kannamma, Kannamma betrayed Bharati, which she still does not understand? Wenba urges her to argue with him and disconnect Kara.

Go to Venba Bharti’s Cabin to say this. She begins a casual conversation with him about the last day’s event. She tells him that she wants to think of his words to marry Bharati. He replies to her that he said those words in frustration and that is why he apologized to her. Wenba tells him that she knows it but she wants to marry him.

Bharti glared at her. She apologizes to him and she says so because nobody gets aunt like Soundardia. Even after she left the petrol pump, she continued to look at Kannamman. Bharti asks her back when she left. How Wenba joined the orphanage and Soundarya found it. She wants to help Kannamman, so she used the legislators to donate money to the orphanage and then there was a steady light, a fan and a / c. He also gave them 25000rs and clothes. Soundarya helped everyone there for the sake of Kannamma. Bharti gets angry and says that she knows nothing about this.

She corrected the CCTV camera there as Wenba only added this aesthetic wanna watch Kannamma. She lied to him that Kannammana knew even though she received it. Bharti is angry and today she is donating to her. She will give our house to her and bring her to my house. He sets out to meet her at an orphanage. Wenba smiled happily

Kannamma talks to her grandmother about returning the money to the warden. She wonders if Bharati will be there. Tell her to leave seeing Kannamma Grandma. It’s really a shame to tease her with why she sent it to her, to show her her realities. Kannamma asks him why she followed him, she is a witch.

Bharti begins to badmouth her daughter. The baby comes out a few days later to talk to him and she takes her DNA and proves that the baby is hers. He tells her the truth that Soundarya gave that money to his begging, he pays more. Kannamma answers him that she may die but he never demands his face by saying this. She throws money into his face.