Bharathi kannamma 9 November 2020 Written Update: Kannamma playing happily with her baby

Bharathi kannamma 9 November 2020 Written Update: Kannamma playing happily with her baby

Kannamma playing happily with her baby. Tulsi comes there with some carry bags. She asks Kannamma what she is doing here? Kannamma replies that playing with her baby has nothing to do with boredom here. She is always a good entertainer smiling at me. Kanamma asks her why is she late today? Tulasi replied that she was late because she brought these things to our child.

Kanamma asks her why did she buy things for her? Tulsi answers her Do not ask such questions The child has no powder, which is why she brought these things to her. Don’t worry about her check the things she comes back after washing her face. Kannamma opens the bag and happily checks out the items. She noticed the bill that brought things to 6 thousand RS. So she suspects that Soundarya is helping indirectly through Tulsi.

Tulsi got there and sat beside her. Kannamma asks her directly, has she brought these things in her own money or has anyone asked her to do it? Tulsi thinks this eyeliner is too intense and finds the truth in how she handles it. She makes a fake vow on her and says she’s doing all this with her money. Kannamma apologizes to her and shares that her mother-in-law was helping people use her indirectly, so I got this suspicion and that’s why she was clearing it with her. If Tulasi has a good aunt, ask her why she didn’t talk to her. Kannamma says that if she is with him, perhaps she will embrace her grandmother. Tulsi hopes her other twin daughter is safe with her and gets all the love from her.

Kannamma is walking down the street thinking about work. She blames herself for why no one has ever worked for women. Nowadays women are also working as men. She tells herself she won’t give up soon. Does she overlook the board that needs women’s helpers?

Kannamma feels happy and goes there. She asks the owner if she needs a job. He answers here. He’s only hiring tailors here. Does she have any experience in this field? She knew the tailoring but she hadn’t touched the machine for some years. The owner says that it doesn’t matter here because we get the touch after we sit down with the machine. The main task is that she has to work 8 hours a day. They allow them to drink tea for 10 minutes and give them 30 minutes to take.

She wants to sit and work the whole day. Many of these orders come from the time of the festival and the work to change. If she’s right, she hires her. Kannamma thinks for a while and says she is okay with everyone. The owner asks her how much salary she is expecting. Kannamma answers her that she has no problem with the salary she receives. The owner says she will pay her 7000rs salary and 3000rs extra for travel and food.

She gets about 10000rs. Kannamma gets excited by this and tells her that this is okay. The owner asks her to join her tomorrow. Kannamma is happy that she requested to have a newborn baby with her and there is no one to look after her. She allows the child to be brought here with her. The owner says she has no trouble but should not disturb the baby’s work. Kannamma assures her child that she will never do anything sleeping in a corner. Kannamma walked away happily.

Kannamma happily spoke with the baby. She tells the baby she gets 10000 RS per month which helps her to take good care of her baby. Tulsi gets there and she is very tired. Why did Kannamma ask her why she looked so dull? Tulsi’s answer is that there are many patients in the hospital today because the hospital is closed so they came to our hospital. He also attended three surgeries. Kannamma feels pity for herself and shares about her work and salary. Tulasi asked her why she found a job that didn’t pay enough to cover our needs. Kannamma tells her that she is not only looking at her pain, so she wants to share her problems. Tulsi let out a sigh, looking at her stubborn nature.

Soundarya and Venu are talking on the balcony. Tulsi calls her. Soundarya attends the call and wonders if she knows its basil. She thanked Kannamma for allowing her to be with him. Tulsi informs her of Kannamma’s decision and workplace. Soundarya is disappointed with her decision and appeals to Tulsi to send her a picture of the baby with her. Tuvalci promises that she will send it wrong. Soundarya wants to help Kannammana through that textile owner.

Venu stops her and explain what is going on in Kannamma’s mind and what she is trying to prove. She wants to stand on her feet without anyone’s help, which is why she runs away from us for fear that we’ll help her in any way. Soundarya understands his words and decides not to interrupt Kannamma’s life.