Bigg Boss 14: 13 December 2020 Written Update Eliminations dropped, Rahul Entry

Tonight’s episode of Bigg Boss 14 Weekend Ka War is filled with fun, games, conversations and of course arguments. Salman Khan makes housemates play some fun games including ‘Galat Fehmi Ka Gubara’ and brings out their real faces. On the other hand, Rahul’s Vaidya will enter the BB14 house after Salman Khan’s questions. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all that is happening at the Bigg Boss house on December 13, 2020.

9:00 PM: The serial begins with Salman welcoming viewers and meeting the housemates. Salman seems to have fun in Rakhi because he has spent the least amount of time at the BB14 house. She asks Rakhi to tell the fate of the other contestants on the show. Rakhi pulls each contestant’s leg in his own style. Rakhi thinks Aly and Jasmine’s love for each other is clear from their eyes. She split Salman as Rubina and Abhinav and uses the title ‘Patni, Patni Wher Woh’. Later, Salman introduces the very famous galat fehmi ki gubaare game.

9: 15 PM: EIjaz starts the game and targets Vikas. He targets Aly for questioning his ‘touch issue’ and the two get into a heated argument. Aly talks about his past bonding and teasing him for bullying others in the recent past. Next, Kashmera attacks Vikas and calls his bond ‘strange’. Manu taunts Rubina to take the time to get to know him. He infuriates Vikas and Jasmine. Arshi has targeted ‘Master Mind’ Vikas and Rubina for always trying to prove her claim. Rahul grabs the hole in the usual way and does not target anyone. Nikki is targeting Jasmine and Rakhi. Aly takes revenge against Eijaz and Manu. Jasmine has also been targeting Eijaz for insulting her claim that she has no “power” and that the manufacturers favor her. Vikas targets his enemy Arshi, and himself. Rubina and Abhinav are targeting Eijaz. Rakhi attacks Arshi for torturing her Vikas Bhai. She also makes fun of Rahu, Rubina, and Abhinav. After the game is over, Salman gets in touch with the caller of the week, who wants to talk to Eijaz. Despite Manu’s collaboration, the caller asks why Rubina is trying to prove dumb in her leadership role. Eijaz makes it clear that he wants to be active in the top four. The caller highlights how Eijaz completely turned his game around after the Challengers entry. Salman asks Rubina what she thinks while EIjaz tries to woo her. She points out how EIjaz turned independent to form an alliance and to play on the front foot.

9: 30 PM: Jasmine questions EIjaz’s ‘favored’ comment and the two men spit. Jasmine loses her cool because Eijaz doesn’t recognize her hard work. Abhinav and Rubina also express their views. Eajaz talks about Rahul’s Vaidya, how he left the program. He invites Rahul to the stage and asks him to clarify his stance on becoming a householder. Salman scolds Rahul and calls him Katgahara for disappointing fans. Salman then starts his fire questions about Rahul. Rahul asks him if he quits because he can’t win against TV stars Rubina and Jasmine. Rahul, however, refuses to say that he has not faked his household name and is not afraid of anyone’s fans. Salman condemns Rahul for going against the deal and asks if he wants to re-enter the BB14 house. Rahul gives him a nod. Salman barged against Rahul for ‘running away’ from home and says he has proven to be mentally weak. The hosts ask about Rahul’s make-up as there are new players now, and it is clear that the singer can only affect her. After the discussion, Salman asks the housemates about Rahul’s return. Salman has revealed that the contestants have to make a decision to allow Rahul to come back to the BB14 house.

9: 45 PM: Salman asks contestants to share decisions about Rahul’s return. Rubina says Rahul deserves to be there. Vikas and Rahul Mahajan also say yes. Abhinav, Arshi, Nikki and Manu also want to see Rahul at home. However, Kashmera thinks Rahul is disrespectful to the game and therefore does not want him at home. Eijaz, Jasmine, Rakhi, Ali also give their approval. Except for Kashmera, all the other inmates want to see Rahul at the BB14 house. Rahul has left the stage, and the final decision will be left on Bigg Boss.

10: 00 PM: Salman introduces the game again, where Vikas and Arshi have to wear a bomb. Housemates must reveal who they want to be out of the game and why. Eijaz is targeting Vikas because Vikas does not understand his personality. Kashmiri and Manu also attack Vikas. Rahul and Nikki target Arshi for constantly injecting Vikas. Aly is targeting Vikas. Jasmine makes fun of her for targeting EIjaz, but later understands the work and targets Vikas. Rubina, Abhinav and Rakhi attack Arshi. The tie is on as five housemates target Arshi and five aggressive Vikas. Later, Salman asks Rubina to go into the shower zone. When Salman asks if Rubina is boring, Manu and Arshi think they are boring. After several questions, Rubina comes out, and Rakhi takes her seat.

10: 15 PM: As the colored powder falls on the rakhi, she shouts, splitting everyone else. Rakhi’s antics illuminate the atmosphere of the home, and he cannot stop laughing. Next, Rahul Mahajan takes the seat, and the inmates join hands to disturb Rahul. After completing the task, Salman makes fun of Abhinav for his relationship. Salman then gives Rubina, Rahul and Rakhi a hair hamper. Post the fun, Salman will talk about nominations and elimination. Salman shocked everyone as he revealed that Kashmera had been expelled. Kashmera feels overwhelmed and expresses gratitude to her friends Ijaz, Arshi and others. However, Salman later breaks the ice and reveals that Kashmir is saved and Abhinav is leaving the house instead of her. Salman has revealed about Abhinav being expelled, Jasmine is crying and Rubina is shocked. However, Salman tells viewers that only Rubina and Abhinav are testing them.

10: 30 PM: Rubina and Abhinav share an emotional moment. Salman then breaks the ice and spreads the happiness that Abhinav has not been thrown out. Salman makes fun of Jasmine and Rubina for shedding tears. The housemates cheer and everyone cheers, as there are no eliminations. Vikas and Arshi get down to the argument, the latter trying to inject him. Vikas expresses his disappointment about Arshi with Aly. He says he is upset why Arshi was not condemned for taunting Bigg Boss. Vikas declares that he will not speak in English if the rules are not in favor. Arshi and Vikas descend once again into a war of words. Jasmine and Vikas then talk about their differences. Bigg Boss announced that Vikas would continue speaking in English, and Hindi would only be used at home. Manu asks Rakhi to try to explain to Vikas and Arshi and buries them between them. Vikas tells Manu that he respects the show, but he is being bullied by Arshi.

10: 45PM: Rakhi and Arshi have a conversation about Nikki’s behavior. Jasmine reveals that she is very upset about the Captain. Aly, Arshi and Abhinav support her. Aly calls Manu a bad leader. Jasmine now points out how EIjaz’s attitude towards Swachh has changed.

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