Bigg Boss Tamil Ticket to finale points table: Details of points earned by Housemates

The ticket to the finale task at the Bigg Boss house is giving all contestants their best to win the task; Today, four rounds have been completed. Rama has already topped two rounds, while Rio has already topped two rounds.

Bala took first place with a sticker on his back and scored 7 points. Shivani with 6 points, Ramya with 5 points, Aari with 4 points, Somashekar with 3 points, KP with 2 points, and Rio with 1 points. Bala was in first place at the end of the third round.

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But in the next song competition, Bala repeatedly failed to find the right song to find the music and sing the lyrics, so he took the last spot.

In this task, Aari, Ramya and Som got the same number of points, so in the tie-break placed in the trio, Rama got 7 points and topped the four with 20 points.

The last time Rama had a song for Master of the Numbers was the remarkable song of Thalapathi Vijay from Master Master who helped her win the tiebreaker round.

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Details of points earned by Housemates at the end of Task 4 in Ticket to finale

  • Ramya: 20
  • Shivani: 19
  • Rio: 19
  • Bala: 17
  • Aari: 17
  • Somshekar: 13
  • Gabriella: 7

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