Bigg Boss 14 day 22 promo: The fight with Pavithra Punia, Aizaz Khan reopens old wounds as they turn dirty

Bigg Boss 14 day 22 promo: The fight with Pavithra Punia, Aizaz Khan reopens old wounds as they turn dirty

The new promo video for Thursday’s episode of Bigg Boss 14, shared by Colors, says Pavithra Punia and Aizaz Khan’s verbal spit is expected to reach another level. Pavithra and Aijaz, who spotted the bond a few days ago, have developed a love-hate relationship to some extent at home.

The promo video shows them descending into fierce arguments about letting each other down. Ijaz contacted Pavithra and confronted her about the nominations. “Mujee nomination karogi, just bhi feelings hine (if you nominate me, I will be upset),” to which Pavitra reopens the old wound and recalls when she made progress on him in recent days. “Saamne ai thi, emotions ke saath ai thi, tumne khilbad kia tha (When I came to you, it was with real feelings, you played with them),” he said.

Only then does the argument escalate, with both Pavithra and Aijaz screaming at each other at the top of their voices, with Ishaqzade playing the backdrop of the film’s title track.

Many, including model Ali Goni and former contestant Kamya Punjabi, have voiced their doubts about Pavithra and Aijaz’s ‘relationship’, claiming that they are performing for the cameras. Yar ye pavitur urjaj, surf muj lagta hai ki y acting kar rahe hai ya sab ko isa h lagta hai? “Eejaz and Pavithra speak, is it just me or do others think these guys are acting? It looks like some Hindi movie deception),” Ali wrote in a tweet.

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Previously, Pavithra had talked about having feelings with Rubina Dilek. She said, “Maine un tak tak pohonchne ki bahot koshish ki. Maine honestly ac chez op k saath tri ki kunki op hyun ache. Muhe laga k op social poj muje ishe bheed may. MUJE LAGA K WOW CONNECT BYTHE GA YAHA PE. I was good to you. Pyaar Ka Rang Dono Taraf Se Hota Hai, Ek Tarfa Cheez Koi Nahin Chal Pathi (I tried to reach him because I thought he was a good person. I thought he understands me. I felt that we have that connection. It is not a one-way street). I felt an emotional connection with him because I saw that loneliness with him somewhere. I don’t want to lose him. “Both Pavithra and Aijaz have discussed their past love lives on the show.

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