Bigg Boss 14: Eijaz Khan did a ‘touch’ to Rubina Dilaik, Abhinav Shukla made this ‘big mistake’.

‘Bigg Boss 14’ (Bigg Boss) There is an uproar in the house. Householders are fighting each other. Now in this show Rubina Dilaik And Eijaz Khan There will be a fierce battle between rationing items. Meanwhile, Ijaz Khan will touch on Rubina’s hand, then it will go to such an extent that Abhinav Shukla Will also push Ejaz Khan. If the show’s latest promo is to be believed, the argument started between Ijaz and Rubina about the ration items will take a dirty look.

After this, when Ijaz Khan touches on Rubina’s hand, Rubina gets very angry on this. Rubina tells Aijaz not to touch him without permission after today. After this, Abhinav Shukla comes between the two and tells Aijaz that my wife should never come near. No physical touch at all. Abhinav pushes Aijaz. After this, the fans feel that this is a big mistake of Abhinav. Watch Bigg Boss 14 Promo …

The latest promos make it clear that the show telecast on Thursday night is going to be quite a fight. Even before this, Abhinav Shukla became very angry at his wife Rubina. In one episode when Jan Kumar Sanu was coming towards Rubina screaming, Abhinav threatened to tell Jan not to touch. Earlier in the show, Sonali Phogat has also drunk with many people. Sonali spills water on Arshi Khan’s head. After this Arshi Khan became very angry. Along with Arshi, the rest of the members of the house also called Sonali Phogat wrong. Arshi Khan also appealed to Bigg Boss. Arshi said to call Bigg Boss Sonali Phogat in the confession room.