Bigg Boss 14: Fans angry with Aly Goni’s eviction, wrote on Twitter, ‘Nikki Tamboli how …’ |

Bigg Boss 14 Finale: Bollywood’s Bhaijaan Salman Khan showed Ali Goni a way out of Bigg Boss 14 due to low votes. Ali Goni was at number three in the voting share for the last 3 days, due to which his fans were believing that he would make a place in the top 3. Ali Goni’s fans are angry after Salman Khan’s announcement and he is constantly asking the makers how Nikki Tamboli can make it to the top 3?

Angry fans of Ali Goni are constantly raging on the makers by tweeting on Twitter. Ali Goni’s fans are also accusing the makers of producing scripted shows and saying that the finale is fixed. A fan of Ali Goni wrote, ‘One can think that Nikki Tamboli will get more votes than Ali Goni? How did Ali get out of the makers? This show is fixed. So the other fan wrote, ‘Where did Nikki come in the top 3? Ali should have been in the top 3. This show is fixed. See Twitter reactions of fans –