Bigg Boss 14 Finale: Aly Goni could not make it to the top 3, Jasmin Bhasin’s reentry wasted the game.

Aly Goni is out from Bigg Boss 14 Finale: In the finale of Bigg Boss 14, Ali Goni (Aly Goni) has received a shock. Ali Goni has been eliminated from the top 3 race in this game show. Due to which their loved ones have got a shock. According to the latest news coming out, Ali Goni is no longer in the top 3. This information has been given by Twitter handle The Khabri inside Bigg Boss. According to reports, Ali Goni has been made homeless due to lack of votes in the finale of Bigg Boss 14. Because of which now they are not in the top 3.

Surprisingly, Ali Gony has got less votes than Nikki Tamboli in the trends that have surfaced. Because of which he has been made homeless from home. However, these things are not coming off the neck of many people. Because Ali Goni is a well-known name. So right there, Nikki Tamboli is not even a big star in front of her. Despite this, Ali Goni has to drop out due to lack of votes. However, many believe that watching Nikki Tamboli’s game, the audience has liked her and that is why she reached the top 3.

Is Jasmin Bhasin’s reentry heavy?

Jasmine Bhasin made a re-entry in this game show. When she came to the house as a connection to Ali Goni in Family Week. But during this time, the actress was seen talking about old things only. Due to which Ali Goni also appeared irritated. After which he advised Jasmine Bhasin not to speak in the middle of the game. But Jasmine Bhasin was seen repeatedly advising Ali Goni to stay away from Rubina Dilaiik. Many people believe that the same mistake of Jasmine Bhasin has fallen heavily on her. Due to which Ali Goni remained mahroom with the love of the audience. What is your opinion about this? Can tell us by commenting.