Bigg Boss 14: Jan Kumar Sanu’s mother reacts to chemistry going on with Nikki Tamboli, said this

Rita Bhattacharya, mother of JNNL Jan Kumar Sanu, New Delhi, commented on her son’s chemistry with Bigg Boss 14 contestant Nikki Tamboli. Rita said she enjoys it. John Kumar Sanu’s Big Boss 14 contestant Nikki Tamboli has revealed his feelings. Now John’s mother Rita Bhattacharya has commented on this.

In Thursday night’s episode, John confessed his feelings for Nikki. So much so that Baziger dedicated the song to the movie Nikki. There is also a full discussion. Rita recently told the Channel they find this to be a good time pass and they are enjoying it.

Rita said, “It was all fun. I’m having fun. You have no idea what life is doing. I’m having fun and enjoying it all. Both are young, it’s a time pass. At least they’re both at home. Masti Walla is passing the time. In his latest promo for Bigg Boss, Nikki John can be seen pulling her leg. She calls him the brother who takes care of him. And Gaur Khan tells John to teach him the song ‘Smiley-laugh-cut Jay Way’.

Nikki is impressed by John’s songs and her feelings and she tells him, ‘Nobody breaks our friendship until our breath goes. You are not my niece, you are my friend. ‘Stormy Sr. 14 was rejected before he was taken to the Bigg Boss, which is why he has entered the house after cutting Mohawk hair.