Bigg Boss 14 PROMO: Kashmera, Arshi, and Rakhi team up to get Nikki out of the captaincy race

After the eliminated of Vikas Gupta from the Bigg Boss 14 house last night, viewers will witness more drama. Big Boss competitors will be pitted against each other in a leadership role called ‘BB Duck Park’. Functionally, several housemates’ groups fight each other. The work will be done in three batches. The contestants turn into ducks and pick food grains off the ground. The contestant with the highest amount of food becomes the winner of a particular batch.

If Bigg Boss Kashmera Shah, Arshi Khan, Rakhi Sawant, and Nikki Tamboli are announced as ducks for the first batch, Rubina will become snachalak (Moderator). Nishki vs Kashmera, Arshi, and Rakhi Team. They decided to fight together in order to get Nikki out of the game first. As soon as the action begins, Arshi and Kashmera attack Nikki, while Rakhi picks up food grains. Nikki becomes aggressive and violent when she sees the three of them grouping together. When she removes her duck costume, she decides to target Kashmir, and they get into a dirty hassle. Nikki pushes Kashmir and tries to snatch her duck outfit.

After seeing the contestants being violent, Rubina intervenes. They refrain from being physically aggressive, because it is against the rules. When Kashmera blames Nikki for the violence, Rubina reprimands Nikki for revenge because they cornered her. Kashmera denies Rubina’s opinions and says that it is his strategy, but Rubina supports Nikki. Later, Rubina calls it an unjust conflagration with Kashmera and Arshi. Rubina gets angry as Arshi calls her ‘Gandi and Ghatiya’ and asks her to keep her tongue in mind.

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