Bigg Boss 14’s BIG Fight Today: Aly Goni Says ‘Tera Pati To Gayab Hai’ To Rakhi Sawant; Actress Replies, ‘Tera Pyaar To Fake Hai’

The Bigg Boss 14 home matches are intensifying day by day as the final phase comes to a close. Viewers will witness between Rakhi Sawant and Aly Goni. Since Jasmine Bhasin was expelled from the show, we can see her locking the horns as Aly feels that Rakhi’s curse has separated from his girlfriend.

And now, the channel has shared another video of their big fight at home on their official Instagram page. Also Read Bigg Boss 14 PROMO: Eijaz Khan spit after seeing Arshi Khan’s face?

In a shared promo, we can see Sonali sitting on the desk with Fogat ining, and Aly Goni trying to talk to him because he doesn’t respond to him. When Rakhi intervenes and says ‘Mary Didi (Sonali) ka dil dukhaya’, it irritates Aly and he tells her to stay out of it, and then there is talk between them.

Aly Abhinav calls Shukla a fake and says ‘Tera husband to gayab hai’. Rakhi replied ‘Tera pyaar fake hai. Ron se pyr sabith nahi hota ‘. Watch the entire fight in the video below; Also Read Bigg Boss 14 Promo makers going to take tough decision for all housemates after captaincy task cancelled watch video

Rakhi Aly Goni shouted in disgust when Jasmin announced that she would be evicted from the house. The actor also had asthma attacks.

Returning to Rakhi Sawant, who is currently on the show, Abhinav has confessed her love for Shukla all the time and rescued her from nominations this week. It has provoked other housemates and it seems that a major drama is waiting for the show to open. Also Read Bigg Boss 14 Promo 15 January: Contestants will NOT have immunity tasks, captaincy tasks, to get limited ration

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