Bigg Boss 14: Seeing the tears of Rakhi Sawant, the heart of Kamya Punjabi, Jasmine Bhasin was again beaten up.

Kamya Punjabi lashes out on Jasmin Bhasin, supports Rakhi Sawant: In Bigg Boss 14 Rakhi Sawant And the rage inside Jasmin Bhasin’s house continues to grow. ‘Controversy Queen’ Rakhi Sawant is attacking everyone one by one. Despite this, Rakhi Sawant’s entertainment is being praised everywhere. Rakhi Sawant, who plays Julie, has given so much of her entertainment dose that the ghouls are not digesting it and now everyone has fallen behind the actress. Recently a big feud was witnessed inside the house between Rakhi Sawant and Jasmine Bhasin. After this, the growing hostility between these two is not taking any name.

On the previous day, Rakhi Sawant repeatedly apologized to Jasmin Bhasin while claiming the captaincy. But Jasmine Bhasin upside down ridiculed her and repeatedly called her the drama queen. Now actress on it Kamya Punjabi Jasmine Bhasin has been fiercely tweeted by tweeting. Supporting Rakhi Sawant, Kamya Punjabi wrote on social media, ‘Rakhi you explained everything well and then asked for sorry. But don’t do much now especially for those who will never understand. Let them cry that ‘Big Boss condemns, Big Boss condemns’. Enjoy your party and your Pardesiya song killed you.

Even before, Kamya Punjabi attacked Jasmine Bhasin

Earlier too, actress Kamya Punjabi had fiercely introduced Jasmine Bhasin’s class. On the previous day, when Jasmine Bhasin heard Rakhi Sawant saying sorry, she had heard him upside down. On this, Kamya Punjabi lashed out at Jasmine Bhasin and said that ‘she is like that sorry’. The actress had said that what is the need to speak sorry when she does not believe him wholeheartedly.

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