Bigg Boss 14 Vote Results 15th January 2021, Week 14 Eviction, Elimination Nominations List

Bigg Boss 14 is coming to its 15th week end. The TRP of the show has increased tremendously, which shows that the show is on the right track. Competitors may be less seated but their actions are getting attention. The specialty of the serial is that Rubina Dilaik decides what people should eat and then she acts like a big person in this situation. It’s amazing what people fall into and then try to portray themselves as good people.

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 Bigg Boss 14 Voting Results Week 14 Eviction – 15th January 2021

  • Rubina Dilaik
  • Rahul Vaidya
  • Nikki Tamboli
  • Sonali Phogat

Bigg Boss 14 Eviction Week 15 Voting Trends and Analysis for 15th January 2021

Leadership work continues with everyone using their ingenious sides to make the situation better. This leads to a quarrel between Rahul and Rubina, which leads to Abhinav Chiming. Vikas complains of sickness and if the contestants are sympathetic to him initially he will mock his back. If Bigg Boss has an announcement this means that Vikas has been sent out, says Ally.

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Rightly so, Bigg Boss Vikas declares that 24 24 7 doctors need to be monitored, resulting in him being taken out of the house. The fun continues between Arshi and the rest of the housemates. The function has been dismissed. Stand and Black Spray can be provided. Four gongs rang. In every gong, you get the chance to get out of the leadership race by spraying black on your own photo and making another contestant for leadership.

In the first dang, Rakhi reaches a standstill and chooses Abhinav. In the next gong, Aly darkens his face and makes Rahul a heroic contender. Rubina then blurts her face, making Nikki a leadership contender. The last dang rings, Arshi removes her from the list but she is not sure who the contestant is. Finally, Arshi makes Eijaz a contender.

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Bigg Boss 14 Elimination Nominations List Week 15

  1. Sonali Phogat
  2. Rubina Dilaik
  3. Nikki Tamboli
  4. Rahul Vaidya

Which Contestants Are in Danger this Week in Bigg Boss 14 Elimination This Week?

He will be sacked this weekend due to a lack of donations at Sonali Phogat’s home. She is insignificant in the game and shows no promise. This is visible to audiences and home competitors as she has stopped taking her seriously. She chooses the smallest things and is too small. She has quarreled with people because her clothes fell in the shower. This is even more disturbing.

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Which Contestants Are Safe This Week in Bigg Boss 14 Elimination This Week?

Rubina Delaik is safe this week. Their huge fan following manages to stay on top of the race through all the voting trends. He says he was brilliant in the game but the height of self-entering is shocking. She wants contestants to follow her and listen to her own voice. In the current issue, she took it upon herself to decide what foods each person should eat. It wasn’t her call but she still wanted to have the last word. Her fans still defend her stance and make her feel like she’s a great person but it’s the same.

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How to Vote in Bigg Boss 14 Week 15 Elimination?

How to vote on Voot Online for Bigg Boss 14 Voot App?

  1. Download the Voot app from the Play Store
  2. Then register your account using email or Facebook ID.
  3. When you’re done, search for the Bigg Boss 14 vote.
  4. Search for your favorite contestant and vote

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