Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Gabriella leave bigg boss house with 5 lakhs prize money

The 4th season of Big Boss which is airing in Tamil has reached its final stage. The house that had 18 contestants now has 6 left with Aari, Balaji, Rio, Som, Gabriella and Ramya. All of them will qualify for the finals and one of them will be selected as the winner.

Of the 6, actor Aari is said to have the most support among the audience. So he is said to have a chance to win the title. In this case the contestants will be given the opportunity to withdraw from the competition by paying a certain amount at the last moment of each season. Actor Gavin Big Boss, who made it to the finals last season, withdrew from the tournament after receiving a sum of money.

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In this situation, it has been confirmed in the promo video released today that the cash box has come into the house of Big Boss this season as well. Archana, who reads the command of Big Boss in it, has shown the contestants and the people many interesting and unexpected events of this moment in every season.

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Sending money for you. If the amount specified for each voice is not taken, the sum of the next sound (buzzer) is sent. If any of you decide to take this amount you can take it and leave this house. Now the decision is in your hands. ”

The dolls come in the background playing the song while Ari stands beside the cash box. The promo ends with other contestants getting excited. There are credible reports that actress Gabriella has left the Bigg Boss house with Rs 5 lakh in this situation.

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KP, who stayed at Bigg Boss’ house for 100 days, fought hard in the finals. He proved his uniqueness by breaking it down when he was accused of playing together as a group. In this case, Bigg Boss viewers say they are out of the box with the best tactic

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