Bigg Boss 14 written update day 14: A day after confessing his love, Jaan Kumar Sanu calls Nikki Tamboli ‘double dholki’ – tv

Fans of Bigg Boss 14 may have missed host Salman Khan in the weekend episode but Saturday’s outing was filled with plenty of twists and hooks.

Saturday’s episode began with Abhinav Shukla and Rubina Dilek all facing off on cutting duties. When Gauhar Khan and Rahul Vaidya insisted on cooperating at work, the couple wanted someone else to chip in. When Holy Punya claimed that Rahul was a volunteer for work, Bigg Boss 13 winner and senior Siddharth Shukla advised Gauhar to change duties but the fight continued. Siddharth and Rubina have another confrontation when they say the elders are being disrespected. Pavithra declared that this was a futile discussion. Shehzad was seen telling Deol that Jasmine Bhasin had a ‘hatred’ of Nikki and asked him to ‘handle’ it.



Ravul is the next person in the house who lost his cool on doctors when he interrupted a conversation between John Kumar and her. The two had a heated exchange and Rahul asked Pavithra to stop acting like a villain and a bully, but Pavitra said he did not enter into other people’s conversations with malicious intent. It all started when the Holy Prophet said that anyone who cooks between them should swatch the stove, and Rahul tried to intervene as he was discussing with John. “Senseless man, badmiege admi hi ek number ka … beach me Matt Kudo. My bol rahi han ruk jao tab bhi nahi (he is a man of impunity. When I asked him not to intervene, stop), ”he said.


Rahul then responded, “Pehle bhi bola hai, Aap ghar ki dada mat baniye (I have said this before, do not try to become a dawn at home).” Rahul then said to her, “Sanchalak mat bano, heroine mat bano. Tumhare Dimag Mi Chalta Hai Priyanka Chopra Who … Tu Hai Koun (Don’t try to control or become a heroine, you probably have Priyanka Chopra in your head but do you know who you really are?) ”


Then the luxury budget act was announced and John and Rahul were asked to perform the songs they were given. John was given 25 songs, 23 of which were songs by his father, Kumar Sanu. Rahul initially had Nishant Singh Malkhani and Hina Khan and Jasmine soon joined. Shehzad and Gauhar have been with John since the beginning of the task, and Aijaz soon joined them. Dard Carrara sang for John Siddharth and offered a song to Nikki. Of the hundreds of songs that his father cheated on, John revealed that he only devoted five to his wife, “this is one of those things.” John then sang Tuje Dekha To Ye Ye Jana Sanam. Finally, by the end of the task, John had a large audience and was declared the winner.

Bigg Boss then asked the contestants whether they should take down Nikki’s position as a confirmed housemate. While Nishant, Rahul and John said that Nikki’s status change was ever so arrogant, she still voted to remain affirmed and Pavithra voted in her favor. Abhinav, Jasmine and Rubina disagree.


Nikki argued by saying that Nikki and John were not true friends because she never personally pointed out her stupidity and is now talking about all the contestants. During her explanation, Rubina told John that she was proud of him for finally talking about Nikki’s ego.


Rubina urged the other contestants to change Nikki’s status as a “confirmed” contestant, saying, “Double Dholki? Why do you have to point out the negatives and say she deserves to be there?” Rubina then looked at the camera and asked her fans, “Please vote for Ijaz because he has this degenerative way to ask for votes.”

Meanwhile, Gauhar has seen the winner of the season Tubin in Rubina and Hina agreed but Sidharth did not agree with Rubina as a winning item. Eventually, Bigg Boss announced that Nikki would remain a confirmed contender as other housemates could not reach consensus.


Later, Pavitra got into another argument with Rubina and Abhinav when Nikki was declared the sweetest person. In the garden area, Nikki can also be seen fighting with John and Nishant. John told Nikki that she had a lot of work to do, expecting each other to some degree. After a heated discussion, Nikki said to John, “If you have a problem telling me what we think, we can’t be friends.” John later declared Nikki a “double Dholki”.

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Late at night, Pavitra and Rahl were explaining their own side to each other. When she told him that she wouldn’t try to dawn around the house, he told her that he wasn’t usually abusive. He later admitted that he would change his attitude and not fight.