Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 10th December 2020 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 10th December 2020 Written Update Episode

At 8.20 Rio Archana is telling him that he is not aware of the matter. If he already knew about it he would have stopped her first. Archana tells him it’s okay. Rio explains to her again that he denies this but Nisha takes responsibility on her. Bala too came there and apologized to her. He hugs her and comforts her.

At 8.25 pm, Somu is playing music. Bala happily sings his own lyrics. Rio and Azeed joined them. They both hug each other. Nisha cried silently in the bathroom. Archana went there and sat down with her. Nisha cries on her lap and apologizes again by saying she has no intention of hurting. She knew very well she heard her father and fell down. So she tried a little to make her emotional but it was wrong. She never thought to hurt her. Her father is like her father too. If she asked him to stop it she would do it but she did not. Archana asks her to stop crying. Here Shivani leaves angrily. Bala asks her why is she angry at him? Shivani replies to him that he has no reason to explain. Bala says it’s just her game. Shivani tells him she never said so but there is a limit to using the word. She angrily walks into the bathroom. Archana tells her to calm down. Bala tells the camera all the fun things that end up this way. He tells Rio that Shivani is angry at her for teasing her. Rio gulps and leaves.

At 9.45 pm Rio and Archana called Nisha to eat dinner. She refuses to feel about the latest incident. Archana pacifies her and takes her inside. Nisha tells Archana that she thinks of her father as her too. Bala apologizes to Shivani in the kitchen for teasing her. Bigbas has announced the temporary hold of Puthia Manita, which will be continued tomorrow.

At 1.40 pm Archana tells Somani about her father. She always thought her father didn’t like her but Anita too. She had been fighting with him a lot but when he died she only found her picture in his wallet. She says Miss You Daddy.

Day 66 is the morning of 7.05 in the morning when the house plays a song. The classmates of the house start dancing to the song Puthiya Manita and greeting each other.

At 8.40 pm Bala asked Anita what would she do if she gave him eggs. She answers him and tells him that the system has not been found. If they use the word its foul they cannot touch them properly. Bala agrees. Azid said he was planning to irritate everyone. Bala replies that he has decided not to do such things in the game. They are discussing the goal. Archana advises Siva that he only targets them so be careful.

At 9.35 pm Anita Robert is reading the rules for malfunction. He wants to speak a Tamil line and a gibberish. 2. He wants to walk aside and take a round after 5 steps. 3. They want to raise a word and reduce the voice 4. They want to remove the strings outside the bag. 5. They often want to blink an eye

At 10.40 pm Anita was talking to Archana in the kitchen. Archana indirectly tells her that she doesn’t like the way she kept the Basi Robort name to herself. Anita replies that it’s just a game for her so don’t get angry. Archana walks out of there saying she is not angry. Anita continued to complain about herself and asked why Bala was blaming herself.

At 11.10 pm, Rio Somu asks Dialoughe Nuvente tongue to tell Chala Ishtam repeatedly. Bala then asks Rama, Shivani and Gabby to respond as Athukennana hahaha
Everyone laughs like hell when they hear it. Rio, Azeed and Ari are planning to bring down Gabi by taking her heart. Ari jithan asks everyone to say ‘apu jing jang jigu jigu ji ja’ to everyone. Acting accordingly. Rio and Azeed ask Gabi to eat. She smiles a little but refuses to admit her defeat. Ari asks Rama to act like a puppy.

At 12.30 pm, tell Bala Sommer to hold Umberla and let Robert cool down. Theb hugs her after 5 minutes. He asks Somani to scan Shivani and whether she has any malfunction or not. Says no. He asks him to tell if this robart is fat or thin? He answers thin. He asks him to lie whether she is thin or fat. He replies that the medium. He asks her to question him. Bala teases her and finally gets angry at Shivaay so they take out her badge.

At 1.40 pm Bala tells Gabby that she is not a strong contender in this house. She does not deserve to be in this house. When she gets a chance to do the job. He continues to urge her to express her feelings. But she didn’t make it.

At 1.45 pm, Rama Naan Adichha Thanga Mata Naalu is saying masam tunga matta. Jithan replays his name Kia He is Kia Muan in repeated action.

Bazzar plays at 1.55. The first badge diversion is over.

At 2 pm, Bala tells the camera that she has defused Shivani because she smiled first and became angry next.

At 3.45 pm, Archana is reading a circular from Bigbas about the second part of her marriage. Humans turn to Robert and Roberts towards humans. To win the task, the team wants to defuse 3 Roberts.

Bala laughed at 4.40 pm so he lifted his heart. Then Archana urged Nisha to remember her moments yesterday and express her feelings. She felt emotional so they removed her heart too.

At 4.45 pm tell Archana Azid to drink a raw egg or accept defeat. He accepts defeat without choice. They take his heart.

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