Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 14th December 2020 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 14th December 2020 Written Update Episode

Today Episode 71 starts at 8:00 am. The morning wake-up song is played at home. The housemates started dancing to the song “Thalaivan Vera Ragam” and then greeted each other.

At 9.05 pm Anita tells him that Anita was hurt by the nickname, which is why Rio suggests this as a reason. He’s fighting for her so he can see it as a game. Rama also supported her and explained that she heard this in jail. But he replied to her that what Nisha did was not commendable and that Anita’s performance was boring. When Kamal sir asked him, he lied and told Anita he could understand her if she told him everything there. What is required to behave this way.

At 11.30 pm all the housemates are sitting in the living area. Bigbas asks housemates to nominate two men to be evicted from the home for a valid reason. They say its all for the open nomination. Everyone will be surprised. Bala says he has been waiting for this moment for a while.

Ari nominated Ajid, who got 10 weeks, but he wants to see more talent from him. He nominated the Rio rationale, he has to focus on everything. He says Kamal’s Infront
Ari made the logical nomination that Rio was trying to change the others. Forcing everyone to change. Anita did her job well but did not recognize it very well. He too faced all these but no one would support him. She did not ask for help at all. He christened Bala. Loved their acceptance. He changed himself. He said we shouldn’t change the game and play but he changes his rules so he’s naming him. Bala nominated Archana’s reasoning
He was nominated for Rio. He understands something and he is always right and making decisions.

Anita nominated Azeed for lesser competition. Then Somu became angry and favored for unnecessary things. Gabby nominated Anita that she would soon be angry. He nominated Shivani for less competitiveness. Shivani Archana is nominated to influence people. Somu nominated Shivani for showing her more. Anita christened him for having misunderstood him. Archana lost her happiness in these 70 days and named Anita’s reasoning. Then she chuckled at Ari, as she didn’t speak directly to her face. Ajid named Shivani for not doing well in the task. He nominated Archana competitively. Bigbas announces to him to clear his opinions. He tells Bigbas that he does not want to play in the game he calls.

At 12.10 pm, Bigbas announces the nomination list for Somu, Azeed, Shivani, Archana, Rio and Ari. Anita tells Rio what she can do on the face. He answers what he has learned from her. She tells him that she does not have the courage to talk to him. He gets angry at her and asks her to speak politely and not to use words freely. She asks him to lower his voice. She asks him if he has come to nominate him, can he do it right? What needs to be pulled is her stuff.

When Anita was asked to comment on Somu at 12.30 pm she was worried that nobody would pick her best. She’s not worried about that but when they send her to jail she gets hurt. Anita said that Kamal sir had also heard about it in yesterday’s episode. He replies that he feels the same for her. Archana tells Rio that Ari could be nominated in a one-liner right. What is the need to do so. Archana tells him that he is impressed and blames him for being influential. Somu arrives and tells Rio that he wants to talk to Anita. Rio replies that she is giving him new titles. He comes and talks to Anita. She asks him to calm down. They both clear their arguments and misunderstandings. Rio asks Anita if she thinks anyone who quarrels with him will go out. Rio explains to her that the one who fights with her is putting out. Sanam, Sam and Suresh. Bala tells him he actually thought so too.

At 2.20 pm, Bala tells Ary what the need to bring a 3rd name is. Ari replied that he used the Trumpcard today to find out who he favored. He nominated Rio and then clearly sees him nominating Somu and Archana for touching Rio. This is what they are trying to prove there. Now they are less in the group but more in their numbers.

At 3.15 pm Archana says Gabby asked a wonderful question. Whoever nominates Archana Rio, she answers Shivani, Ramya, Bala and Ari. Anita, Shivani, Ajeed and Ramya nominated Somu. He says that he is playing groupism and playing favorites.

At 5.5 pm Archana is reading a new roundabout from BigBass. She promotes Hamann Soap and describes its features. She reads the rules of the game. Housemates prefer to split the bridge into two groups that want to cross the bridge without hitting the virus, pollution and dust. Archana and Anita will be the judges.

Ramya and Gabi get 3 hits in the garden area. Somu gets hit. Shivani gets hit. Rio gets hit. Ramya gets it
Azid gets hit. Ari gets hit. Bala gets hit. Team 1 takes 7.5 minutes. Team 2 takes 3.5 seconds. Team 2 winner with good strategy.

At 7.30 pm, Bigbas asks Shivani to come into the room to confess. Anita is discussing the next task. He asks Lord Shiva to stay here for 70 days so share something about this house. She starts to cry and tells her she’s not expecting anything here. She tells him that she has lost her mother. Bigbas says that she looks beautiful when she weeps. She smiled listening to it. She requests him to call her Shiva. He calls her like her desire. He tells her to leave

At 7.50 pm Bigbas asks Rio to send Ari into the confessional room. After all these days Bigbas asks him, who is he missing? He answers him that he loses his wife and child. He tells Rio that he got the message from Ridhi. Rio hears her name and starts to cry. She grabs a chair and begins to walk, referring to Pappa for the first time. He said he misses them a lot. He asks to leave.

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