Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 16th October 2020 Written Update: Velmurugan and Sanam won the daily task

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Today Episode 9 starts the day at 7.45pm. Azid tries to hide Evision Free Pass in the kitchen but he finds that some people are looking at him, so he puts it inside his pants. Anita teases him that he knows where he put it. She takes it at night. He answers her, he does not sleep today. He hides it inside his suitcase

At 9.05 pm, Ari and Jithan are in the bedroom. Suresh slept on the couch and shared with him the technique he played in Evolution Free Pass. When Ari gives him a teasing smile, Suresh proposes that Big Boss has played a strategic game here and he should have added his name to the list when he is already selected as a hero. They are proud of them in the end and fight with them.

After receiving a request from Rio Bigbas at 9.25pm, he received his family picture from the shop. Seeing it made him feel great. Others find his child adorable

On the morning of the 10th the alarm song awakens the housemate and begins to dance to that song. At 8.20, Gabriella teases Azeed and asks where it is safe. She knew in his pocket. She teases him to touch it but he stays awake. Anita also teases him with an evasion free pass.

At 10.30am Rio was talking to Suresh in the bedroom about his strategic game. His stance is why he should lie about him unnecessarily. The way he is used to his game hurts him. Then they should talk to Velmurugan separately, instead of making Talkinh back, it conveys a bad opinion on the outside. Rio makes him feel less and he should give importance to the feelings of others. Suresh replied that we cannot do this very often because it is a game. Then he talked about the groupism that didn’t exist here. Rio tries to explain that he has teamed up with Nisha to help him, and then Somu arrives, and we gather him for entertainment without being cornered. Suresh hugs him for solving it.

At 10am, Sanam was talking to Suresh for corrupting her. She’s rude with her explaining him to her but she’s not being rude to anyone in the house. Anita gets there, complaining that Sanam is not talking to her before she has some problem but not sharing it. Let’s talk about this alone.

Rio tells Somu at 12:15 pm How does he feel at home today? They say they are uncomfortable here after that act..this mind is always running about strategic play. They are playing their game outside of action. Somu agrees with it.

12 for 30 Anita is reading about the function of Attam Pattam Kondattam for a luxury budget. A suitcase comes to Bigbas’ house, in which the nominee wants to wear a costume and dance to a song.

The first suitcase arrives there at 12:45 pm. It had a Gabriella and Azid dress. He rushed to change it soon. Song already starts playing Azeed starts dancing to the rowdy baby song then reunites with Gabriella. Each of the housemates cheers them on. They hit their performance.

When the second suitcase arrived, the Rio and Nisha dress were in it. They rushed to change their dress, helping the housemates dress up soon. Music starts playing Rio starts to run from there and reaches the stage. Playing dawn padalai ketan songs, Nisha pushes Jithan away and runs off and starts dancing with Rio. The housemates praised him

At 3.05, Nisha acts like a heroine and teases Rio when she calls him Gopal

At 3.18 New suitcase arrived. In that case Sanam and Velmurugan dress were placed in it. Sanam asked about the song and rushed to the washroom to change her dress. Begins to play the song Velmurugan begins to move in accordance with the song’s literary lyrics. Then Sanam also joined them and the housemates are cheering them on

At 4.15 Another suitcase arrives. It had Anita and Suresh dress on it. First Suresh starts dancing to Asa Machan’s song then reunites with Anita.

At 5.30 pm Velmurugan explained to Vishti the incident of Ashi and how inferior he was to Suresh. He completely changed the scene and made him the beggar of all for strategic play. Ari is advising them.

At 9.15 pm Rio read out the rules for all the housemates, dividing all the housemates into two teams and trying to put the ball into the bowl. The ball-taker should be able to send a competitor out of it. Whoever survives until the end can miss the nomination next week.

All the housemates were in the circle and were trying to put the ball one by one in the bowl, giving the reason. Sanam and Velmurugan won the daily task and missed the nomination next week

At 12.10 pm Suresh sent Shivani and Ramya explaining the game and how Gabby was deliberately sent to put him in the nomination process. Gabby tells Bala that Rama is a strong contender so one has to be careful.

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