Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 18th October 2020 Written Update: Kamal discussing about Groupism inside the house

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Today’s episode begins with Kamal telling the audience that everyone is going to tear the mask one by one. Those who thought we were good were bad and the bat turned to good. Different emotions and emotions. He says many groupings are at home.

Get up at 9am on the 13th, for the song plays for the contestant. They wake up and start dancing to the song Sokkama Sokkama. They greeted each other. At 11.35 pm Rekha got something from the shop room, which she shows to the other housemates. Bigbas teases Archana by saying she doesn’t love the puppy, which is why it’s being sent to her. With this she finds the age of Bigbas. Nisha teases her and says I love you Bigbass.

At 1.40 pm Rekha wants to inform the housemates and share the same fish for everyone. Balaji tells her that if they put it in the fridge the taste will be better. Sanam answers them, then they get only one piece. He asks her not to pierce her nose in it. She was angry and asked why she should keep mum when everyone had the right to speak. Sanam has complained to Suresh about Bala’s behavior. He replies on her face that he doesn’t like talking about her and interfering in his matter. Sanam tells her that she will not talk to him again and leaves.

At 2 pm, Anita announced new information to the housemates from Bigbas. They give everyone a homemade piggy bag and a coin. We want to choose a piggy bag by giving it a reason to choose. Soon the alarm ring. Rio and Velmurugan bring piggy and coins to the living hall. Choose a line fish picture piggy bag because her nickname is Fish. Anita, the lion’s reasoning is confronted with mantling in this way.

7pm. Bigbas asks each of the housemates to lodge a complaint against the captain in the garden complaint box. Suresh, hearing this, says that everyone complains about the need to run it.

Kamal Hasan is speaking to contestants. He applauded his new look. They say they are slowly removing the face mask at home. He welcomed Arachana to the house of Bigbas and praised her for giving the title to the contestant, but he complained to her that she had used her word in the man of the people. Archana answers him, he is always a man of the people. He asks where the Rio Is Groupism exists in the blinking house. He then explains to him that Suresh tries to give an example that does not target him. Rio nodded and sat down. He then spoke about Suresh’s strategic plan and the fight between Velmurugan and Suresh. He applauded Sanam and Bala judging for the ramp walk function.

Will Kamal ask Balaji after the break? He answers him that he is not. Archana tells him that he is always exercising here, which is the bore he sees here, which seems to make him not know anything else. Bala shines Archana. Kamal tells her that now he will make her shine. Balaji argued that he was direct in all matters.

Kamal says this is not really a bad habit. Archana says I will give Rama and Rio a tough contender award. For Kamal, this is indeed a twisted title because it has a positive and a negative impact on it. They can take it any way. Archana says she is giving Gabriella and Azid the missing titles. Kamal told them they are the youngest here, so beware of everyone who targets them and show them that they are here. They laugh and nod. Archana says I will give Shivani and Velmurugan the title of Atmosphere Actor. Kamal tells him it is not a bad title, there are many meanings behind it. They have to keep the positive side of it and keep working. That is why he gives his life example and explains it in different ways.

Archana says Namathu will give Poe Pawas to Sanam and Ari. Ask Kamal and he is satisfied with the title. Sanam replies to him that she is creating an argument in a high and it ends the deal. She assures him that she is trying her best here. Kamal tells him that if the pattasu is dry and it starts to explode, do not diminish its power. Yes Man title Nisha and Ramesh. Its good title has nothing to worry about.

Jeetan tells him, he always says it all on his face but he has no idea why she gave him that title. Kamal explains to them that all the problems may be for their decision. Trending title for Anita and Suresh. It can be positive or negative. Your desire is to choose one of them. It was later named Showcase Doll about Samukta and Somu. Kama tells them that it really praises them. Nothing to worry about but be more active.

Anita was talking to Sanam saying that her image could make people feel bad for shouting at Sunesh. But in fact she has done right according to her. Sanam explains everything that is in the hands of the people to take it in good or bad way. Balaji is telling Azid to understand the dot connection of Kamal’s words. He answers him, can’t understand him. His words are twisted. That is why Bala cannot answer him directly.

Kamal asks Azeed how Rama feels about Evolution Free Pass. Rama answers him that his only purpose is to win Sumesha, not to give Ajid this pass as a brother.

Kamal Hasan asks Rio to bring the ousted boss there. There are three green boxes and four red boxes. He asks Archana to reveal the saved list. Ajeed, Shivani and Ramya are rescued from eviction.