Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 28 November 2020 Written Update: housemates start to dance for it and greet each other

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 28 November 2020 Written Update: housemates start to dance for it and greet each other

Nisha calls Anita at 10.10am. She asks Nisha, how can she help? She says that Nisha was very close to her during the first three weeks of BigBass. She nods yes. She tells Anita that she remembers her mother whenever she saw him when he said a word at the time. She reflects on her, she must see her mother behave like her. Anita corrects that yes she said yes but she has to watch her mother come thick like her. Has Nisha complained to her that she was away from him a few days later?

Anita replies to her because she felt she could not make her own decision in that group. Nisha listened to her and she had a misunderstanding with Rio, which is why she showed her anger to him, why did she go it alone? Anita is now saying this but she complained to Kamal sir that she was sitting alone to draw the attention of the people. He questioned and argued some questions. Nisha tells her that she believes in her brother’s love and that she’s playing alone here. Anita accepts it. Disconnect the call saying thank you Nisha and know very well that she will be nominated. Anita calls again to get a review. She gives her 2 stars. Tell Bigbas to leave him. Nisha comes out of the confession room Rio admires her but Somu tells her that her joke is a bad rest

At 11:15 am, Sanam was drinking coffee sitting in the garden area. Bigbas announced to Sanam that Nisha be given a nomination board. She gives Nishal to ask Bigbas to give it to her. Nisha answers her and she heard it too. Nisha commented that she was surprised by the wedding chain.

At 11.30 am. Ari calls Shivaay. She asks how she can help him. He praises her voice she thanks him. Ari tells her he has no choice, so he can choose to talk to her. He asks her how many times she has been nominated in this house. She answers one time. He asks her what form each one nominates her for.

Shivani replies that he has been nominated for arguing with one another and highlighting his ideas. He is nominating for personal reasons. Ari asks her, with whom does she spend the most time? She replies samukta, bala and rama. He tells her, love made him blind because he hesitates to take her name when that problem arises, so he wants to clear it with her Is their relationship love or friendship?

She replies to him as a friend. He asks her to name the five finalist? She answers him that she wants to be a finalist as a good player Bala, bold contestant Sam, Clear View Rama and Rio. Time is running out. She calls him back for a review. He gives her 4 stars. They get up from their place. Bala tells Sam that she is a bad performer. Here Rio praises Ari for his mature questions.

At 5.05 pm, Sanam sleeps with Rio in the bedroom. Sanam is telling Rio after the act that no one is talking to her properly. Only Bala spoke to her. Rio tells her he is tired of trying to unite everyone, so drop everything. Archana tells her that she has tried it for the last 30 days, despite her failure.

At 6pm. All the housemates are sitting in the living area. Big Bass announces to them that Hurricane Nivar will move the competitor to another safe haven. They are in control as they are here. His parents and family were in touch and everyone was safe. Tell them about their safety.
At 7.00 pm, all the contestants left Bigbas’ house wearing a raincoat.

All competitors returned home at 8:00 am on the 54th. They are greeted with a song. They begin to dance to the song. Some danced in the rain.

Why did the captain show bias here when he asked Bala Sanam at 11.30 am? Somu is sleeping here but he is not waking him up. Sanam tells him that he slept 5 minutes before he got permission from the captain. Bala goes into the kitchen and asks the vice-captain. They are uncomfortable with the captain so ask the captain to allow him to sleep. Rio gives him permission to go to sleep. Sanam also requests Shiva to ask Rio if he sees him sleeping. He asks her to wake him up as he is allowed 1 hour to wake her up.

Anita tells him that the dog does not shit today. Rio says he gave permission to those who ended up like this. Sanam argues with them. He tells her that she is not allowed to sleep during work hours. She blames him for being arrogant. He accepts it and leaves. He awakens Somu.

At 12.45 pm Rio reads a new circular from BigBass. They read that the luxury budget task is not yet completed properly, so it will post its pond next week. The nomination process has been postponed to next week. So they got the whole luxury budget point. 2800 points. That’s why they clap.

At 2.40 pm, Nisha sleeps in the daytime and the dog starts to swoon. Shivani and Bala nisha ed. But she pretends not to sleep. Rio somu lies on the lap and wonders why the dog is now bald. Somu informs him that Nisha is inside. He asks Archana to punch her in the head. Archana has done it. Nisha tells him that she has not slept. Even Archana supports her. The vice-captain tells him that he saw her sleeping.

Noon to 3 p.m. Ask Big Boss Housemates to select the two best performers and worst performers of the week? Gabby gets up and tells them. According to her observations compound and anita have done this job very well. Shivani nominated Bala and Ramya. Nisha nominated Shivani and Jithan. Archana nominated Jithan and Nisha. Named Sam Bala and Ramya. Ramya nominated Bala and Somu. Ajid Bala and Ramya nominated him.

Jithan nominated Ramya and Azeed. Sanam named Ari and Bala. Archana nominated Jithan and Nisha. Nisha nominated Ramya and Azeed. Bala nominated Gabi and Shivani. Rio nominated Azade and Ramya.
Rama, Bala and Jithan were chosen for the next leadership role. Congratulated them.

At 3.10 pm Bigg Boss is asked to pick the two worst performers of the week. Sanam Nisha nominated Rio for bad leadership for having lost the top card. Ari has nominated Bala Rio for bad leadership and for not asking everyone a question. Shivani has nominated Rio and Ari. Azeed has nominated Ari and Rio. Soma Nisha and Sanam have been nominated. Jithan Sanam and Nisha have been nominated. Anita has nominated Sam and Nisha. Archana Azid and Ari have been nominated. Rio has nominated Nisha and Sanam.

At 4 pm, Ari and Rio enter the prison. Ari complains to Rio that Bala was targeting her. He asks to be heard by him.

At 6pm. Reading Rama Hamam Martial Arts Function. They want to practice martial arts at home and choose the best two of them. Archana and Somu are going to be judges. He chooses Anita and Ramya as the winner. They got a Hamam gift voucher.

At 8.30 pm Bigbas tells Rio and Ari to get out of jail. Their friends greet them with joy.

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