Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 2nd January 2021 Written Update

Today begins with Kamal Background entering the stage with music. Happy New Year to everyone. He says last year was very tough for everyone. Many were unemployed and went to lockdown. Hope this year is going to be a great year for all. They are all describing their experience of the film Aburva Sahutharan. His Dasavathaaram movie too has been opposed by many but anyone would agree with it. They ask us to check out Friday’s episode.

At 1.15 pm on the 89th Arya told Rama that Rio was not accepting the accusation. Rio has often said that he has played well in freeze work and how he can blame him. Ari complained that Shivani had been down for two days, because he had not nominated her. Bala tells Rio and Somu that he is talking about her. Somu tells them all the best. Everybody gathered there. Ari complained to Ramala about Bala. She tells him that she does not agree with this but he wants to mingle with others. He tells her that she is not nominating Ajid and Bala. She denies it and says she has nominated Bala. He asks her to say it weeks ago. How does he know she didn’t nominate him? He is sharing his thoughts with the camera and people are trusting him. She names him boring after 90 days and he follows his path to share his thoughts with everyone on camera. Ari wishes her well.

At 2.15 pm Bala tells Ary not to blame others. Ari answers him and does what he wants. He cannot control him. They’re going out this week. He could take the cup and take it home. Don’t blame others for what they are repeating. He questions him again about how he played. Bala asks him if love has made him blind. Where did he find it. He asks to stop it Shivani’s mother came and ended it. He says he was not honored. If he had the courage he could have spoken to Shivani Amma. Gabby and Rama try to stop them. He asks why he named Ajid as a bad performer. He replies that he will fight for his rights. He is unfit to be a leader. He blames others for what he does. If he leaves, he will deal with him in some other way. Ask Rama to stop it. Ari asks him to take her. Rio takes Bala away.

At 11am in the morning. The morning wake-up song is played at home. The housemates got up and danced to the song “Vada Poche Song” and greeted each other.

At 11.20 am Ari asks Lord Shiva to put the chapel out. She’s on the kitchen team. Shivani replied that she did not know because she had come to take milk alone. Ari tells Somi that there must be a slab inside the hotbox.

At 3.40 pm, Bala Shivani and Azeed are told that all people believe in him alone. No one sees his true color.
At 5pm. Ari apologizes to Siva for taking her name. That was what made him angry, which is why he spoke with tension. He has no intention of taking it. Then he thinks about it and understands that it will convey the misunderstanding of others. Shivani says she was hurt when she mentioned that everyone saw it outside.

At 5.50 pm Ari is reading Hershey’s Milk and Hershey’s Milk Shake features. The captain of the house is allowed to take it out of the fridge.

Kamal entered the stage and wished everyone well. He says Happy New Year to everyone. They start talking to competitors. They welcomed him as a happy New Year. They are happy to see that all the family members have come there to meet them. He says Ari’s smile is bigger then. His child caught everyone’s eyes. Her favorite is the Tamil people. Then they praised the tuning and their love for each other. He thought he missed this idea of ​​writing in cinema. He applauded the visit of his brothers.

He calls Shivani Amma. He tells his mother that he is not Bigg Boss Kamal but Shivani’s lawyer. He says everyone is looking at him as if he could talk to her in honor. Did she not respect her so she wants to return her? She was ashamed of others but to the shame of all the audience. He speaks with her privately

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