Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 5 December 2020 Written Update Episode

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil 5 December 2020 Written Update Episode – 9 am to 5 am. In the morning work, Gabby got a circular to teach all the housemates to dance. She teaches them how to dance while swatch cleaning the floor using a muff. Washing of ships, Bathroom Swatch. Even classmates of the house join her for her azid singing.

When Nisha told Archana Zithan that she was hurt at 10.40 pm, Ari commented that she did not know the joke. She is not a comedian and a fighter. It hurts her. Nisha asks Rio to talk to her, saying that he can pacify her but she refuses to listen to him because it ends up being wrong. Jithan Saya says she is shaping herself as a weak comrade. Nisha asks Ari here, did he mean she didn’t know to tell a joke? He answers her with fun. He teased her. Archana told Jeethan that the comments would affect her work

At 11.45 pm Bigbas announces to Jithan and tells him to go to the activity area. He asks to read the circular. He was reading what was mentioned in it.

At 3 pm, Jeetan greeted everyone. He tells everyone that he does not know what it means to be a blind man, Bigbas. He was usually a reserve guy but was happy to get friends after he got here. Bigbas asks him what he has contributed to this house. They want to share with the audience. He thinks a little and says that he worked hard at all the tasks. He did all the weekly things like cleaning the bathroom, washing the ships. He did the leadership job well and won it. He fought a fierce rivalry with Bala. Bigbas asks to tell him what he has contributed to the house. Jeetan says he was very conscious of not wasting food and trying to reach the person. He learned the easiest way to make accounts and teach them here. Buzzer plays. He asks you not to share it with anyone.

At 4.25 pm Azid said he would not make his offer in this house. She wished him happiness for Kamal Hasan’s birthday. He then used his music to enhance and encourage everyone else. Instead of explaining BigBass, ask for a list. He did all the work well. He dressed neatly, he swatched the house nicely. He never talked to anyone without respect. Big tells him his usual stuff so tell him his offer. They say they fight for an ejection card and defend it well. Whenever there was an argument, he tried to express his opinion. He says he doesn’t remember anything. Ask him if Bigbas remembers him for 60 days. Buzzer plays.

At 4.45 pm Azid leaves the activity area. They have a general check on them. Ask Sanam if he has taken blood. He nods. Shivani is scared to hear it. Nisha is also afraid of hearing the blood test.

At 5pm. Gabby greeted everyone. Gabby says I want everyone to accept her as their own daughter. Ask him to tell you what Bigbas contributed to the house. Gabby says she has zero knowledge in cooking. She learned cooking after she came here and she loves it now. She has done the reverse task well. When Kamal sir asks others to emulate, she gives her best. Bigbas says it’s not time to advise her. She must say that her contribution is not her daily activities. He says that after learning the subject, he learned to speak. Ask Bigbas to give him his offer. Bazzar plays as she leaves.

At 5.20pm Gabby also lied to her regular check. Rio calls to get to know her clearly. Ajid is singing the song. Azid and Gabby are discussing each other with whatever they are talking about inside.

At 5.30 pm, she tells Sanam that Ari Balam is worthy. When Bala asked if Sanam had only one call, what was the mistake of the two callers? Ari explained to him that Sanam was not wrong because he did not call. Anita asks him if she’ll admit she’s relaxed. Why did he count the votes for her so she can do it herself? He tells her that in fact only 4 guys have won the job. We can’t winners.

At 5.40pm, Somu said that he got a huge fan following from the aaaaaaaaghga Tamil Magan show. He asked him to do something project because he came to the Big Boss show. He says he has sung many times and got good friends here. Bigbas asks him what he contributed to this house. He says his personal things again. Ask BigBass to stop giving advice and personal things. Tell me about the donation. Somu says he did his best to entertain people. Does he not know whether it will reach or not? Buzzer plays.

At 6pm. Soma lies to Archana and Nisha. They take the ECG, then take the test.

At 6.10 pm Shivani says her 60th day. She loves dancing so much. So she danced whenever she played a song. She did all the work on her part. She always presents in this house. What did she do here except for the song, the act, the rules that everyone made here? She tells Bigbas that she has nothing to do with the house. Like delivering a social message. Shivani apologizes to Bigbas for not contributing anything.

Shivani comes out at 6.30 pm and lies to them to check the same reason. Shivani shared her questions with Azeed and smiled at each other.

Start telling us about Rama Pandian’s offer at 6.45pm. Their daily activities are also mentioned. Bigbas repeats the same thing to her. She tells him she knows nothing.

At 7 pm, Nisha starts talking about her sense of humor. She entertained everyone at home. He contributed all day and all missions. Didn’t she mention when and how Bigg Boss complained to her? Nisha smiled. Buzzer plays. He asks her not to share this task with anyone at home.

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