Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Promo 5th January 2020: Gabriella triggers Balaji during the ticket

It looks like the final work is currently underway at the Bigg Boss house, and the third round of action is shown in today’s first promo video as the first two rounds are completed yesterday.

To sing and touch the stage placed in the middle after someone completes the song in this round. At first, Shivani finishes the song, and rushes to touch everyone in the middle. Gabriella, Balaji, and Shivani all say they touched on them first.

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Later, Captain Rio asks him to decide who touched it first, and Gabriella says that as time has changed he has touched on it first and begins to sing the next song without waiting for others to respond.

Thus Balaji becomes disgusted and says ‘you can sing after we decide who touched it first’. But it is noteworthy that Gabriella is playing a different level of playing the song, irritatingly distracted by what Balaji is saying.

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‘Why are you saying this now?’ It is noteworthy that Gabriella had already silenced Balaji when Balaji told her something that Ari had said about her yesterday. Last time Gabriella came up with another level of play, and viewers were surprised by her clever answer.

Gabriella is playing a different level of play, but when you look at the board score, it is significant that Balaji only got 7 points.

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