Bigg Boss 4 Tamil PROMO: Sees the return of the evicted contestants for a special segment

The serial begins with Bala talking on camera. After yesterday’s episode, the contestants have enough nose to see how time has passed for him. He looks at the camera and says that he is aware of all the anger issues he has had on the show. He admits to playing dirty politics and different things. Bala says that after his breakup, he was quite unstable, causing him to vent his anger on the contestants, causing minor inconveniences.

But, he assures fans that he has now been replaced by his love. Despite their behavior, they say they are always one step ahead of them thanks to their votes. They thank their fans and promise that they will perform well as long as they are at home. Also Read After Bigg Boss Tamil 4 season Raja Rani 2 serial aired 1 hours

The Final Week begins

Bigg Boss has announced that the contestants are playing really well this week and they have been quite impressed by the performances. Bigg Boss has revealed that fans have shown great love for the contestants because of their enthusiasm. Thus, Bigg Boss keeps talking and wants to hear what the contestants think of their 99-day journey. Contestants begin to talk and remember the many moments they had at home. They laugh at quarrels and quarrels and usually have a good time. He realizes that the show is going to end soon and there is a lot of nostalgia about it. The contestants hope to see the rest of the housemates soon after they leave. Also Read Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Vijay tv love bed gang entry Archana, Nisha, Rekha and Ramesh

Bigg Boss 4 Tamil old contestants come back

After a short break, Bigg Boss tells the housemates to come out and gather in the garden area. The housemates do this and, to their surprise, the expelled competitors arrive. The housemates look very happy with this gesture and embrace their friends. They shake hands, jumping on each other to hug them and express their happiness. All the competitors who are eliminated will also be quite emotional when they see their friends again and thus start to shed tears of joy and thus share the blissful moment. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Suresh Chakravarthy answers fans questions

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