Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Somu Wins Yet Another Task

This episode of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 picks up from the last episode. In an earlier episode of the show, Bigg Boss stopped and postponed work for some reason. So the work goes on from there and competitors start to finish labeling. The contestants now understand the picture function and therefore are heading in the right direction. Bigg Boss checks it out and signals the housemates to continue the action.

Resume Tasks

Bala starts the task by labeling Aari. They talk positively about the housemate and give their reason for labeling. Moreover, Rio also applies the same reason to Arie, and so the game continues with the labeling functions. Eventually, the task ends with several people voting for Ari and Gabby. However, since only one winner can come out victorious in action, Bigg Boss decides to start a tie-break round. also read Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Balaji gets emotional after Shivani Narayanan’s eviction

So after some interaction with the tie winner, Bigg Boss announces Gabby as the winner of the action. The housemates look happy and agree with the decision made by Bigg Boss. Ari also agrees with the verdict and congratulates Gabby on the win.

Bigg Boss publishes negative marks

When the task is completed, the housemates resume the day-to-day tasks. Bigg Boss announces and reveals that some competitors earned negative points for the tasks. Thus according to the negative points table, Gabby loses one point, Rama loses nothing, Ari loses two, Shivani loses nothing, Rio 2 and Somu 1 lose.

According to the new ranking, Somu is leading the point regardless. He stands strong on the points table and is seen as a promising contender in the final as he dominates all final acts. So the episode ends on a good note, with Somu dominating the final act and the winner of the Gabby labeling act. As the final phase approaches, the housemates will also cheer for the final stages of the show. also read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Shivani evicted, No more playing with six people

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