Bigg Boss 4 Tamil Written Update For December 23: Balaji Tricks, KP Discoveries, Ari Fans Atrocities

This Week Luxury Budget Task. Again the same. A sport should be enjoyable and exciting for both the players and the spectators. ‘Who came first?’ In the ration shop queue. These are very simple tasks that can be branded as such. In this letter, the plan is to put a long pipe like the seawater drinking water project. It was sinful to look at the rivals who were looking up and handcuffed like ‘heaven seen earth’ survival.

I scream through that pipe just like the competitors did. “Big Boss team … can you still think of Petra ?!”

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What happened on day 79 ?!

Rahman’s melodious song ‘Mukkapula’ sounded in the morning. If you listen to this song with a good sound in a good quality speaker, you will get excited by yourself. Such music. It was only today that I was able to see some of the excellence of KP’s dancing skills.

Those who are not trained in dance can immediately tell the difference between those who are trained and those who are trained. Untrained people do not follow the rhythm and jump with the pressure of the leg to the will of Dattakka Pittakka. But those who have learned to dance properly, can be seen playing effortlessly and following the rhythm perfectly. This talent was revealed to KP. Weldon!

Balaji already had a case pending against him at the OMR police station in connection with the mobilization so this time he was cautious or made such an impression. Fellow competitors did not agree with his idea. Bored with ‘buying something to an end’, Balaji called on a team to accept Soma as in charge.

There is friendship and understanding between Som and Balaji. So Somaye Balaji calls on the opposing team for many important responsibilities. Leaves Rio in the deal. It is to be recalled that Somaye Balaji was appointed as the Vice Captain of the House.

Ramya’s face lit up with curiosity as she wondered who was in charge of another team. But as soon as Balaji said ‘KP’ the glow on Ramya’s face went out. But KP objected. Because KP sees Balaji’s trick as having two leaders on the ‘same team’ when the house is already divided into two teams. So Balaji put Ary in charge of another team.

Since there were nine people in the house there was an extra one to go with four people per team. That is Balaji. Balaji was auctioned off to the Ari team for shaking the bottle and selecting.

Like the Chicken Task, there were a lot of petty family fights. Balaji drew the boundary near the pipe, with only two people standing in the lead. They talked about how his teammates could stand on the side to help them. All this talk is just fine. But when the buzzer sounded, everything turned upside down and they became furious like runners on a train.

The first sound came when the ball was coming. Ari and Rio were standing. The ball landed in Alec’s Rio’s hand as the almonds slipped and fell into the milk. So Rio was proud to catch the first ball of the task. It is the ball that gets 20 points. “Skulls … Do you understand the game now?” To copy that Big Boss, the contestants said ‘Hihi’.

Balaji, Ajith and Shivani were sitting in the shadows and talking in luxury as they said, ‘Only two people should be in the lead to catch the ball’, “What team B … is not the ideal to catch the ball?” The fight will come only if the crowd stands … Will the footage be available only if the fight comes?

So Balaji glued the line of control with a piece of plastic sheet. The next three balls came and fell. Everything fell down in their push-pull fight. KP honestly apologizes for arguing, “Let your side rule extra” (I will see if I can underline all such positively written sentences about Ari. Let’s see if these catch the eye of his supporters. I can not). Balaji, who joined, continued to argue.

Balaji did not accept Rio’s statement, “You came on purpose and stopped me.” These things are in his favor because Balaji is tall and solid. “Did you agree with Tapping Whittington?” Balaji wrestled in response.

In this task one never knows when the ball will come and how many balls will come. So the people were all sitting in a mob in the Garden Area. Ari was eating. Balaji was reclining in a coma. It was a pity to hear the sudden buzzer sound and see everyone running in panic. This time Balaji was lucky. Only one ball worth ten. “Still not getting a foot jug of water?” They stared at the pipe as if they were nostalgically looking at the faucet.

Rio was secretly telling Som about the destruction that Balaji had done. Next time came the small ball and the big ball. Rio, who was standing behind the big ball hit by the crowd, was overly emotional like ‘Virat Kohli’ and showed victory. His teammates also praised him. Meanwhile, the argument between Som and Balaji over standing on the border is long.

The others were half-heartedly persuaded to tell Balaji the practical logic, “Whatever we plan, we will push like that before the ball is out.” Balaji was talking as if to give way to his fellow contestants, “Even though we stood in front … stand madly. Som was doing research with his hands on how to ‘catch milk’. (All this is over son!).

The two teams secretly said, ‘If the female rivals in the opposition stand, we will make the women stand.’ This time Ramya was lucky enough to have Anita and KP in the lead. Som and Balaji again clashed over standing on the border. KP continues to ask Balaji questions. KP overreacted to that.

At the end of the first round the Som team was in the lead with 90 points. The Arie team had 50 points. ‘I’m just telling you to be honest. Anyway, when the ball comes, the excitement will be there before and after … But let’s change to agree. Balaji was then orphaned to Ari.

The Big Boss came up with a change in the second round. You can also pick up balls that fall down. There is no score for that either. “Let no one knock. Whichever team the ball falls on. Let that team take it … let’s play honestly,” Balaji clarified the rules before the round began. (The captain’s responsibility comes a little too far!).

People were standing in the kitchen area when they heard the buzzer and ran screaming. This time the Somu team was lucky. Ramya ran back inside screaming ‘Aww .. chapati fire’.

“We’ll only take ten or ten. You’re only twenty or twenty …” said Ari jokingly to Ramya. You can notice a thin smile and a smile on your face many times (another underline!).

Since the balls that fall down have a score, Ajit honestly advised Ajith to say “I see I can hit the balls” (Where did the conscience go? Then Ukkantu should not cry!) Then he should start unfair “(another underline). Anita showed Balaji holding a pillow and practicing.

Again the border issue started. (As with the problem with the border). During the discussion with Somu, Ari gets angry as usual (No underline please) saying “OK buy … let’s play footsteps”. As the argument heated up, Som reluctantly walked away, saying, “I’m red is wrong. Let go.”

The second round began in the second half. The Big Boss put an interesting twist on this. Red balls will also come in between. If one touches it the team will lose the total points they have earned so far. Supervisors were appointed from each team for this purpose. As the Som team was in the lead they spoke cautiously saying ‘we should not just touch the red ball’. Balaji guessed it correctly.

At one point the lights of the Big Boss house were turned off and they realized they were falling asleep saying ‘Goodnight Big Boss’. But Big Boss confirmed that the game would continue, leaving the external lights on. He also clarified in the announcement that ‘Vidya Vidya Attam Undu’. Then the Arie team got some lucky balls. Anita crawled on the ground and caught the ball.

The Arie team had been wearing the same red pants for a while. Like the code for not touching red balls. They waited like a rooster but did not move from the pipe. The Som team was sleeping peacefully because it was in the lead. But the Ari team tried to cheer themselves up by singing punchy songs like ‘Wait .. Wait …’ and ‘Tanga Mari’. Snoring was heard from the opposite side.

Balaji’s team like Dhanush in Puthuppettai is shouting ‘Peace be with you … be very scared’ but there is no movement in the pipe.

So Balaji and Anita were jokingly screaming towards the Big Boss team through the pipe. Balaji lamented jokingly, “Aww … the stool is too much for Anita.” Anita whimpered, “Make me artistic.” Suddenly, the team that was asleep to hit the buzzer came running.

But what came was a red ball. Fortunately no one liked it. Today’s episode ended with Anita yelling excitedly, “Let’s fight … let’s fight” to Balaji’s joking objection, “Enna Boss … wait here and put a red wedge on us”.

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