Bigg Boss Malayalam season three candidate nobi and his wife conversation

The third season of Bigg Boss, the biggest reality show in Malayalam has started. As the audience expected, Nobby was the first contestant to arrive. Nobby was called in saying he was the person you intended. Mohanlal received Nobby as a person who made people laugh in the mimicry scene. Nobby was also ‘igniting’ laughter when he arrived. The beginning was great with the interesting conversations between Mohanlal and Nobby. From the beginning, a video introducing Nobby was shown. In the video, Nobby and his wife were the star’s friends. Nobby asked his friends how he could tell his wife and son that he was going to Bigg Boss.

He finally told his wife that he was going to Bigg Boss. The wife at first thought that Badai was going to the bungalow. His wife told Nobby to come back at 20 wherever he went. It was said that there was a friend’s wedding that day. He said that it was enough to ask Mukesh. Nobby corrected that it was Mohanlal’s program.

Nobby said what to say next. He laughed when he told his son he was going to Bigg Boss. Anyway, he imitated Nobby Mohanlal who said that his wife was upset when he left.

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