Bigg Boss season 14: Less rating, less interest? – tv

Bigg Boss of Entertainment, for more than a decade now, is a reality show of the same name. Getting celebrities and letting them live together is locked into a home that leads to a lot of things in the name of entertainment, but viewers don’t seem to be much interested in buying it.

According to ratings released by the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARK), the show was unable to rank among the top 5 shows in the opening week from October 3-9. According to a tweet by critic and expert Salil Arunkumar Sand, the premiere episode has also seen a drop in ratings compared to the premiere of season 13 of TU. If Season 13 was 2.8, this time it was 2.1.

Competitors of previous seasons, enthusiastic followers of the show, have little to say about the latest. Rahul Roy, who emerged as the winner of the first season, has nothing to do with form. Currently, the show’s makers have selected three former contestants Gauhar Khan, Siddharth Shukla and Hina Khan as ‘seniors’ and the new housemates are ‘freshers’.

He says, “The show is getting tired now. There are a lot of bad competitors, and a lot of them to fight. Right now, it looks like an extension. Siddharth is doing his own thing, and there is no problem in him. But this is something we’ve all seen before. ”

Echoing the same sentiment about using previous competitors, Kamiya Punjabi, who entered the house in the seventh in Tuvu. He says, “We have already seen these competitors and their game. This makes the format boring and unfair to new entrants. I’m hoping to see the 13th season again (which Siddharth won). ”

Business expert Atul Mohan says the rating has been falling over the last three years. “People know that everything is scripted and corrected. They’ve got old competitors back for TRPs. It’s rare. They’ve been there for a few days, but it’s all about Siddharth, and the makers are milking their popularity,” he says.

On this first show, there will be plenty of people from different backgrounds like movies, some representing the LGBTQI + community. So far this season, it hasn’t, and Roy feels the same way. “At the end of this season, it was only a matter of earning TRPs or fighting and screaming. And I have long said that it is not a problem to spice it up with interesting TV stars. It is happening, ”he says.

However, it is supported by Vindoo Dara Singh, who was the winner of the event in the third in a row. He says, “You have to understand, when Bigg Boss starts, it’s slow, so they have to reinvent every year to make it faster.” People who say TV stars dominate the home, think they are all people who want a home in general. “It’s fun because most people know these people,” says Singh.

Sixth season winner Urvashi Dholakia says he is finding it better. “As far as diversity goes, it’s not necessary that people from different fields get different stuff from you. Not even some from my constituency. I like the team and no one knows except Jasmine Bhasin. The show is likely to take time. There is also the clash of the Indian Premier League (IPL). ”