Bigg Boss Tamil 4 12 January 2021 Netizens slams Rio and praises Aari

Netizens who watched today’s second promo of the Big Boss show have been praising Ari’s clarity and patience.

In today’s second promo of the Big Boss show he tried to make Aari look bad and bought the knee. Also Read Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Aari Arjuna and Rio Raj said sorry

Rio spoke as if he hadn’t said enough when Aari answered KP. When Aari replied, he told me that you should not have reacted like that.

Aari, who knows that everyone has an end, goes without saying that I am the wing pro. Aari’s face is completely withered. Netizens who have seen this have been praising Aari’s clarity.

This Netizen who saw Puramo, said that if everyone gives a crisis to Aari and makes a corner .. due to some kind of stress .. Vijay TV thinks that he will take the box and run away when the door is opened .. that is why they are doing so much torture .. this Netizen has said.

Did this Netizen, who saw the second promo, start doing the Aryan Target all together again? You will not change everything, sin Aari Aari Pro will be as much Tanya and he will be patient, even if you all want to show how bad Aari is, our drive is only for Aari ..

This Netizen who saw today’s second promo, you are over something happy .. rada something is stressful .. can not impose happiness! What fun would you have without understanding the next mood? This is Netizen.

This Netizen who saw the second promo, Ade Ivane is one of the ten people who want to be aside from the pain of the Adota you understand. Do not let such a thing happen to you for even a minute. He has posted that he does not understand the situation.

This Netizen, who saw Rio wrestling with Aari, has posted that Dae Kutty Sinegan Rio did not go to the final match .. why this buildup .. go sit aside ..

This Netizen who saw the second promo, yes we believed Aari was bad then? Ari is not the only one who has been forced to beg for this show.

Ari is the netizen who saw the second promo .. This idea is clear!

Who can deal with any bullying! Posted by Netizen.

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