Bigg Boss Tamil 4 20 December 2020: Kamal Haasan wants contestants to play individual game

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 20 December 2020 (December 20) episode of Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 hosted by Kamal Haasan, he solved the problems between the contestants. Apart from being asked to play his personal game, he was asked to follow the rules during weekly tasks. Highlights of Friday’s episode aired, which saw the contestants perform a fun activity in the garden area.

Kamal Haasan welcomed the contestants in the weekend issue and spoke about the importance of khadi. He wore a khadi coat and requested people to promote handicrafts.


Kamal Haasan applauded the housemates for their fair selection of the week’s best and worst performers. He praised the behavior of Gabriella and Shivani after being selected as the worst performer. He said their spirits lifted the game.

Earlier this week, contestants were asked to nominate others openly. When asked about the open nomination, Archana said it was honest, sincere and everyone handled the criticism very well. Azad felt that the nomination went well, but could not agree on the reasons given for nominating him.

Kamal Haasan then asked Archana about his ‘number game’ conversation with Somasekhar and Rio. She defended herself and said it was a casual conversation with her friends. He said he thought his gang was targeted during the nomination.

Anita Sampath said during the nomination that Nisha was expelled, she felt she was being targeted by Archana’s gang. Kamal Haasan then reminded the housemates that the final was a few weeks away and asked them to play their individual game.


Earlier this week, contestants were asked to take turns playing wolf and chicken. When he was a hen, he had to protect his golden egg from wolves. Kamal asked the inmates on Saturday to mention the names of the two who are playing the role of chicken and wolf.

Most of the contestants thought that preserving everyone was the chicken in Archana’s house. Contestants voted for Balaji Murugadas and Aryi to vote for them, calling them wolves.

Kamal praised Balaji for his transformation. Balaji said he was a raging bull when he came into the house, but now he is ready to compose and apologize.


The Wolf vs Chicken act saw the competitors against each other. There was a lot of confusion in understanding the game, which led to arguments. Rio, who followed the rules for T, told Kamal that the housemates were reading between the lines rather than following the instructions.

“Don’t bend the rules for your personal benefit. If you do, I will definitely question you. The rules were clear to me. The rules are written to give everyone a fair chance.

He then praised Rio for following the rules and pointed out that playing fair game ended up with no currency. Ari and Ramya Pandian spoke about the act, which became a full-fledged argument before Kamal Haasan. Rama Pandian feels that Ari is always finding fault with others, but does not know that he makes the same mistakes.

At the end of the serial, Kamal Haasan revealed that Ari and Rio were saved.

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